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Oracle Deck Update – Cards Finished

Exciting news for you all. 🙂 I just finished creating and editing the last 24 cards of my oracle deck! Here is a screen shot of what they look like: In addition to creating the cards, I also ordered a … Continue reading

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Reading for June 10th-30th – Go With the Flow

Here is a video I completed early today. In it I share my last four paintings. I have completed 48 paintings and 48 cards! Wow! Afterward I do a five card spread on the remainder of the month of June. … Continue reading

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Light Language for an Open Heart

Received this transmission from the Pleiades during the full moon. You may notice the sound of water as you listen, though it is very slight. This is because the Light Language came to me while I was taking a bath. … Continue reading

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Painting in Acrylic: Judgment

Here is the other painting I completed today. This one was last minute and the symbols revealed themselves at it’s completion. This painting marks the last painting in my goal of 24 to make my oracle deck 48 cards. I … Continue reading

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Painting in Acrylic: Growth

Completed two paintings today. This is the first. I received the symbol in a vision yesterday morning. I didn’t know the name until the painting was finished. While painting I felt calm and focused. There really wasn’t much on my … Continue reading

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Practice Sessions Continue with Unsettling Results

I continue to experience some very strange nighttime practice sessions, some of which cause me to wake up feeling very discombobulated. These sessions frequently occur early in the evening for the first few hours after I fall asleep. So far … Continue reading

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Painting in Acrylic

I am posting this painting without a name. I have no idea what it’s message is yet. It is sitting here by my computer and has been ever since its completion about a five days ago. This is longest a painting … Continue reading

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LL Transmission: Allowing and Letting Go

Transmission in the Language of Light to assist with allowing and letting go. Source: the Pleiades. One of the most challenging aspects of life is learning to let go, to move on, to stop fighting, to just allow and Be … Continue reading

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Painting in Acrylic: Life Trajectory

I’ve had this painting and another one finished for a few days. I’ve not been motivated to post them and their names have been elusive. I’ve been full of Light Language, though, and recording myself speaking/singing in LL a lot … Continue reading

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Where I’m at Now

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated on the walk-in/soul exchange. I apologize for my silence in this area. There has been confirmation that the walk-out I experienced was more the integration of a fractured soul aspect. The term … Continue reading

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