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Transition Continues

It has been a spit-fire kinda week and the energy continues to jump around. Yesterday it was playful, saying, “Love without boundaries. Play with the sun, dance in the rain, soak up life.” Today it’s like, “Don’t play too much … Continue reading

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A Door Has Been Opened

A door has been opened. A door to the heart. It was initiated by the walk-in and the walk-out accepted. With the opening of this door, a section of the heart which has been closed to the walk-in became accessible. … Continue reading

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In(tro)spection Mirror Phase

This morning very early on I felt a shift and felt the walk-in move closer to the forefront. It was an allowing on my part as the walk-out. I asked for help and it was granted. And a word entered … Continue reading

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Cycles and Healing

I haven’t felt inclined to write in this blog lately. This is probably due to the fact that it feels as if the walk-in has receded for the time being, allowing me the forefront. My experiences have varied and as … Continue reading

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Extensive Upgrade

Unbeknownst to the walk-out, an upgrade has been underway for several weeks. This particular upgrade is unique to those experiencing a soul exchange. It involves a reorganization of the meridians and subtle energy channels connecting the walk-in to the energy … Continue reading

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Changes of Note

As the days of integration turn to weeks, there is a sense of my interests shifting. This is subtle, but noticeable. My Companion, Steven, who you can read about here, seems to be the origination of these subtle interest changes. … Continue reading

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