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Light Code: Harmony

I have been feeling the urge to paint lately. Yesterday, I painted this symbol and when I was finished was told it was the Light Code for Harmony. Later in the day, while in meditation, I was told there would … Continue reading

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Healing and In Review

I have been so tired that for the past few days that I’ve been taking a nap in the afternoons when my kids get home from school. I assume the exhaustion is because I asked for whatever upgrades I needed to … Continue reading

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LL and Channeling – Galactic Federation of Light

It’s been a busy morning. First I felt an urge to paint and so I followed it. I used watercolors and it is not the best of my artwork but it serves the intended purpose. After the painting was finished I felt … Continue reading

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The Veils are Thin

The veils were extremely thin last night. For the first time in a very long time my nightly meditation in preparation for sleep resulted in what I can only describe as me jumping to a completely different timeline. The minute … Continue reading

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Kundalini with Tantra Teacher

Some interesting things happened yesterday. It all started around 5pm when I took my kids to Meet the Teacher at their school. I felt the odd energy come into my field about the time we returned home but I sensed it previous … Continue reading

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Full Moon Activation

Light Language activation received during the full moon. Source: Sirius B. Transmitted by Pleiadian and Arcturian emissaries of Light. It is suggested that you drink plenty of water before and after listening to this activation. For Kundalini active individuals this … Continue reading

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Exchange in Process

I was awakened at 4am by my daughter in hysterics. She has this phobia of rain storms, even those that do not involve lightening and thunder. I use to be afraid of the really bad ones, so I understand, except … Continue reading

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I know I’ve been quiet. It is purposeful. Shedding According to my guidance, I am “shedding”. This feels like an appropriate explanation for the last four or five days so I accept it. Plus, I have had several dreams in … Continue reading

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Meeting Chuck

When I woke at 6am I was upset over a dream I had just had. In it, I had been in line to go into a haunted house-type of tour. The attendant told me the tour started at 6pm and … Continue reading

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My Experience with Light Language

I’ve been feeling drawn to create a video about my Light Language experience for some time now. Since I had quiet time today during my son’s nap (yay!) I decided to record that video. Sorry about the poor lighting and … Continue reading

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