Painting in Acrylic: Judgment

Here is the other painting I completed today. This one was last minute and the symbols revealed themselves at it’s completion. This painting marks the last painting in my goal of 24 to make my oracle deck 48 cards. I am finished. 🙂 Or I could just be getting started and there could be 24 more cards. I haven’t decided yet.


When painting this I had major third-eye buzzing throughout. I also began to feel a bit ungrounded and even a little dizzy at one point.  There was a sense of needing to reach a resolution or come to a decision in my life. I did not ponder on this, though. Like with the last painting, I was thoroughly enmeshed in the process of painting. Little if anything was on my mind.

At one point I heard, “Duality”. I heard it when I was noticing that the left side is much lighter than the right. It is like light and dark exist within it. As well as all of duality from night and day to good and evil or innocent and guilty.

I have always been one who can see both sides of the coin. It has made my friends and family angry with me more than once because when they come to me to complain or get my opinion about some issue in their lives I always see both perspectives quite clearly. It is hard for me to take sides and I generally prefer not to. What one sees as bad, the other sees as good and that’s is the whole reason they disagree to begin with! Yet when it comes to my own problems I want to be right the same as anyone. Placing blame and passing judgement on others and myself is common place.

One might think this painting would be sending the message of “Balance” and I did consider that as a name. But it quickly vanished. It was not meant to convey balance because balance in inherent in everything. In fact, imbalance is the illusion. It is us who create imbalance. It is us who pass judgement both on ourselves and others. That is the point of the painting, to get the viewer to consider their own opinions and judgments and how they impact their experience.



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