Oracle Deck Update – Cards Finished

Exciting news for you all. πŸ™‚ I just finished creating and editing the last 24 cards of my oracle deck! Here is a screen shot of what they look like:


In addition to creating the cards, I also ordered a full deck to check the print quality of a new publishing company I found online. This one is called The Game Crafter. Their design specifications and upload process were easier than the site. And to my surprise the cost of the deck with shipping was affordable.

The big bonuses of using this new site is that I can sell my deck through their online store and obtain a copyright by using them as my publisher. On top of that, I can create a booklet to go along with my deck using a template on their website. I have yet to take that step, though, as my book is less than half complete. I am really wanting to see how the deck looks and feels first. Β I may decide to add more cards still. Who knows? I am not closing the door on the possibility of more paintings/cards.

When the deck arrives I will decide what my next step is. I will either wait and paint more paintings, upping the size by another 12-24 cards OR I will move on and begin writing the guidebook for the deck. If I opt for moving on, then I will be asking for volunteers to test out the deck without the booklet. The reason it would be without the booklet is because I would like to get an idea of their intuitive reaction to the cards. How is their guidance using the cards to relay messages? Would layout options be helpful? Stuff like that. πŸ™‚

The deck won’t be ready for shipment until June 20th so in the meanwhile I will be working on the booklet. If I happen to get inspiration for another painting or two then I will go with it.

So far, the MSRP for the deck when sold on the game crafter website will be $24.99. This can be edited, though, but the less I charge, the less profit I make because the website gets a commission. Yeah. Sigh. You all feel free to chime in about what you think on the price. The more feedback I have, the better.

Here are a couple of the new cards up close. Two of my favorites:


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8 Responses to Oracle Deck Update – Cards Finished

  1. Karin says:

    Congratulations! It was fantastic to see how these paintings emerged. They are very expressive and beautiful.

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  2. herongrace says:

    Well done Dayna, the cards are very beautiful and so unique and amazing channelling!
    I think they are worth a good price.

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  3. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    Beautiful and exciting. I have never checked the price of an Oracle deck, but Tarot decks run about that price or more; therefore, I think the price is more than fair.

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  4. Durinda says:

    Your paintings and how they turned out for your oracle deck are beautiful. Your passion can be felt in each one. Magnificent!

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