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Practice Sessions Continue with Unsettling Results

I continue to experience some very strange nighttime practice sessions, some of which cause me to wake up feeling very discombobulated. These sessions frequently occur early in the evening for the first few hours after I fall asleep. So far … Continue reading

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One Circle

Some insights that came to me recently. A long time ago, only a couple of years after my initial spiritual awakening toward the end of 2002 and a year after meeting my Companion, I received a vision of what is only … Continue reading

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Into the Esoteric Classroom

So much continues to transpire that I can barely manage to keep up with it all! It is not physical experience of which I am speaking. No. It is the nature of Spirit, the evolution and expansion of conscious, the … Continue reading

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I know I’ve been quiet. It is purposeful. Shedding According to my guidance, I am “shedding”. This feels like an appropriate explanation for the last four or five days so I accept it. Plus, I have had several dreams in … Continue reading

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Temple of Almaegradon

It is 8/8, the opening of the Lion’s Gate today. I did not sleep much. Below is what I wrote after waking at 1:11am. Temple of Almaegradon I awoke at 1:11am after falling asleep at around 12:30. I had been … Continue reading

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Timeline Shift Avoidance

There has been a development regarding the “Shift” my guidance warned me about. At first, I just assumed it was a shift in energy or something akin to that. While this is not altogether incorrect, it appears there is more … Continue reading

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Scary Experience

Feeling very shaky this morning. Something happened last night that shook me to the core. I am still trying to make sense of it, if sense can be made. I am exhausted. My sleep has been interrupted pretty much non-stop … Continue reading

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From Self-Serve to Full Service

So much to post….again. Last night was a plethora of crazy dreams mixed in with messages, energy and E.T.s. Prior to bed the last few nights, I have been doing guided meditations from this website. Last night I chose a pranayama … Continue reading

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Conscious Re-Entry Experience

Interesting experience from this morning. I slept like rock and there are only remnants of dreams left in my conscious mind. I awoke around 5:50am quite suddenly. What was unusual is I remember returning to my body and the experience of … Continue reading

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Transition Continues

It has been a spit-fire kinda week and the energy continues to jump around. Yesterday it was playful, saying, “Love without boundaries. Play with the sun, dance in the rain, soak up life.” Today it’s like, “Don’t play too much … Continue reading

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