Painting in Acrylic: Growth

Completed two paintings today. This is the first. I received the symbol in a vision yesterday morning. I didn’t know the name until the painting was finished.


While painting I felt calm and focused. There really wasn’t much on my mind. I was too focused to really think but my third-eye began to buzz when I added the symbol.

The message of this painting is simple – we are here in this physical universe, in these physical bodies, to experience and grow. We choose to Forget so that we can learn about ourselves and experience first-hand the cycles of life and death and all they entail. There is always growth in this process, whether we recognize it or not. We are never in decline. We are never lacking. There is, of course, the growth from infant, to child, to adolescent, to adult, to middle age and into old age. But there is also growth in wisdom, in self, in love, and in anything we so choose to invest ourselves. Growth is not always easy and it’s sometimes painful. But it also beautiful. It is important to learn to recognize one’s own growth, to stop and take a moment to congratulate ourselves on a job well done. For we have grown and matured into the person we now are and it is only through experience that we got here.

For me, personally, this is a symbol of congratulations from my Team. When I first saw it, I saw only what looked like the letter “U” with a line through it. I thought it was about self-worth and so was prepared to paint it that way. Apparently there was a missing piece (ha! I typed ‘mission’ instead of ‘missing’ by mistake). The center of the symbol was added. I see it as a flower in bloom and it feels appropriate here. Some say that middle age is the time when one finally comes into their own; when they finally begin to live life the way they want to live it rather than the way others expect them to. If the growth cycle of a flower were the analogy here, then middle age would be when the flower finally blooms, finally sharing it’s beauty with the world.

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