Light Language for an Open Heart

Received this transmission from the Pleiades during the full moon.

You may notice the sound of water as you listen, though it is very slight. This is because the Light Language came to me while I was taking a bath. lol Another strange thing is that I brought all my quartz crystals into the bath with me, oh and one jade crystal. Then I laid them out on my body from my belly button to my heart placing the jade in the center of my chest over my heart chakra. That is when the Light Language started coming through. I got my daughter to grab my phone and made the recording even though I was in the bath (lol) because I knew it was important.

I have never taken a bath with my crystals and I have no idea why I grabbed them and tossed them in. And the placement of them on my body was also a first. It was like I created a crystal grid on my body. I also added Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil and Gardenia oil to the water. I have been drawn to Melaleuca for a while now. It has strong purifying properties.

Anyway, I know, weird, but then I am weird so there you go. 🙂

Oh and for you grammar nazi’s out there,  I know I misspelled “received” in the intro slide of the video but I am too tired to bother and correct it.

Enjoy the intense energy of June’s full moon! Today I have a lovely headache and am quite unmotivated and tired. Guess all the super charged energy is finally taking its toll on me.

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2 Responses to Light Language for an Open Heart

  1. I love it 🙂 so soothing ❤ Glad to connect you on Facebook!

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