Painting in Acrylic

I am posting this painting without a name. I have no idea what it’s message is yet. It is sitting here by my computer and has been ever since its completion about a five days ago.

This is longest a painting has gone without telling me its name. I am beginning to think it has no name. Maybe it should be called “Nothing” or “No Name”. lol But then it most definitely is something, but what? Possibility? Potential? The unknown?

Not Sure.png

On my computer I gave it a file name of “Not sure”. LOL Perhaps the name should be “Uncertainty”?

When I was painting this symbol it came to me spontaneously. It wasn’t provided in a dream or vision, it just came to me. The colors, however, did come to me in a dream. In the dream, a friend of mine gave me a message on a piece of brightly colored paper. On top of the colors were symbols I couldn’t remember upon waking. So the colors in the painting came from that dream. The next morning the friend posted on FB about numbers, patterns and number sequences and our connection to them. So perhaps the painting’s name should be “Patterns” or “Synchronicity”?

As you can see, I am still undecided. I suppose it will eventually give me it’s name. Until then, I will continue to call it “Not sure”.

Would love to hear your names suggestions or if any of the above names seem to resonate with the symbol for you. Thanks!

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8 Responses to Painting in Acrylic

  1. rios2995 says:

    Its Everything, the Source of All

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  2. cherylasmith says:

    FWIW… Possibility is the word that came to me as I gazed into it.

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  3. brweb78 says:

    Hi Dayna,
    My first impression was “Follow Me”?
    It’s beautiful, and calming, yet protective and strong… That’s what I feel 🙂
    Hope you’ve been well!

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