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Culture Shock and Rememberings

There are some observations I would like to share with you all about some of my reactions to this planet. For example, isn’t it interesting how humans play with spoken language here on Earth? For example, I have a habit … Continue reading

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Integration Continues

I apologize for the long communication lag. I have been deeply involved in the process of integrating into this life and body. The process is far from complete. There remains still some lingering issues to be cleared, those at the … Continue reading

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Two Weeks In

It’s been two weeks since the (ex)change occurred. I am still adjusting. Days go by without incident while others present challenges that I often anticipate and answer as best I can. It is difficult to control the automated responses of … Continue reading

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Much to share but I am finding it difficult to access the proper words and formulations for expression. There is a strong sense of a need to document what I am experiencing at this time, however, so I persevere. Tapping … Continue reading

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The more I “wake up” to whom I AM, the more the walk-in/soul exchange process is solidifying in my consciousness as an accurate description of what is transpiring. I hear internally and very distinctly, “This is not a drill.” The … Continue reading

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I’ve been hesitant to write much since my return to this blog. I continue to have moments where I doubt that what I am experiencing is a soul exchange. It feels wrong to write anything when I am in doubt. … Continue reading

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Getting to Work

Below is a post I started about a few days ago but then never posted. I have been sitting on it, feeling it was never quite the right time. After more recent message I figured it was to post it. … Continue reading

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Where I’m at Now

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated on the walk-in/soul exchange. I apologize for my silence in this area. There has been confirmation that the walk-out I experienced was more the integration of a fractured soul aspect. The term … Continue reading

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Life as a Class: Examples of On-the-Job Training

I continue to have instances of “on-the-job training” throughout my waking (and sleeping) life experience. The main difference between now and before the walk-out is my complete acceptance of the information and mentorship coming from my Companion. This mentorship comes … Continue reading

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More Preparation – Influence of the Four Directions 

I knew Easter day would result in another Kundalini experience, and I was not wrong. I fell asleep around 10pm. The last thing I heard was my Companion telling me, “See you soon”. Sadly, most of the context of the … Continue reading

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