Walk-In Resources

Being a walk-in can mean many things. A soul fragment that left during trauma can walk back in. Higher aspects of the same soul can walk in. Lower aspects of the same soul can ask to be integrated. A walk-in can indicate a soul exchange in which an entirely different soul trades places with the embodied soul. Sometimes two souls walk in the same body or one in the field and one in the body – – many times these rotate or swap places as needed.

Some resources for Walk-In’s:

We Are 1 in Spirit – website of Yvonne Perry. Resources, articles, light language activations, coaching and assistance for those experiencing a walk-in or other ascension-related changes.

Walk-Ins Among Us Facebook group

Humanity Healing website

How the Walk-In Experience Works 

What is a Walk-In?  – explanation of a walk-in, personal accounts, links for further research.

Walk-Ins Among Us: Open Your Personal Portal to Cosmic Awareness  – By Yvonne Perry

Strangers Among Us – By Ruth Montgomery

F.A.Q.’s – Soul Transfer – The Klabautermann Archives

Are You Ready to Receive? by Barbara Jacksha – Conscious walk-in of higher aspect.