Reading for June 10th-30th – Go With the Flow

Here is a video I completed early today. In it I share my last four paintings. I have completed 48 paintings and 48 cards! Wow! Afterward I do a five card spread on the remainder of the month of June.

Here is an image of the spread for those of you who need a visual. I show the cards individually in the video but sometimes seeing the entire spread is helpful.


The positions of the above cards mean the following:

Center – The problem (current state)
Left – The unknown or what is hidden (guidance)
Bottom – What is behind the person (past issues)
Right – What is known by the person (the obvious)
Top – What is needed for resolution.

The extra card (top right) fell out while I was shuffling. When a card falls out it is usually something additional that my guidance wants to relay.

The final card was this one, thus the title of the reading:


From the Osho Zen Tarot

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