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Transformation in Progress

Still feeling adrift in a funky energy. My dreams indicate there is a sifting of memories occurring. People, locations, situation and snippets of memory are interwoven into my dreams making them seem almost like a patchwork quilt. It is very … Continue reading

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LL and Channeling: Laying Foundations

Received a LL transmission and channeling from the Pleiades last night. The message is concerning the work yet to be done by those anchoring the Light here on Earth. It also discusses the three generations of children who are incarnating … Continue reading

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Timeline Shift Avoidance

There has been a development regarding the “Shift” my guidance warned me about. At first, I just assumed it was a shift in energy or something akin to that. While this is not altogether incorrect, it appears there is more … Continue reading

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Unexpected Lesson

The tantra lessons continue. Thankfully with a female guide this time. lol This morning when I awoke there was an entire lesson awaiting me. Here is what I learned: Apparently I have some old beliefs about female sexuality that need … Continue reading

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Leaving Soon

I awoke this morning out of a dream in which I was excitedly awaiting a trip I would be taking to Bali or the Bahamas or a similar island destination (both were mentioned). The trip cost me $3,000 and I … Continue reading

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Change of Guard

This post was started this morning but it felt “off” mainly because it is written in such a way as to seem impersonal. I will include it here, but want to make sure you understand my guidance tends to be … Continue reading

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LL and Channeling: Surrender to the Heart Mind

Received a transmission this morning from Sirius. The LL and message are from a Pleiadian female stationed on a vessel located near Sirius B. They monitor and oversee Earth and Galactic Federation activities in this sector. The recording does have … Continue reading

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Packing Away the Old

I’ve been exhausted since last evening. There was tiredness before but last night I crashed. The tiredness is so familiar now that I have no doubt why it is happening. Preparation stage. Get the body, mind, spirit prepared for another … Continue reading

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A Kundalini Lesson

The Kundalini visited again this morning. I have been expecting it/him since the full moon on the 19th. In preparation I did a Hatha yoga flow with pranayama breathing and followed that with a singing bowl meditation. While in mediation I … Continue reading

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Under Pressure

Last night I was overcome by all that is within me needing to be expressed. I can’t hold it in anymore. So out it came. I am better this morning but still shaky. The feelings that came out are a … Continue reading

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