Where I’m at Now

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated on the walk-in/soul exchange. I apologize for my silence in this area.

There has been confirmation that the walk-out I experienced was more the integration of a fractured soul aspect. The term “walk-out” was used by me mistakenly because I was unsure of what I was shown. The integration of this soul aspect has been agonizingly difficult and almost all-consuming of my time. If you follow my other blog then you know what I’ve been going through.

Where I’m At Now

The fractured aspect is nearly completely integrated. I am told we are “tying up loose ends” right now. I am not asking for further explanation.

I was approached in dreamtime recently by the walk-in. He/She discussed the soul exchange process with me in more detail. It was made very clear that the exchange has yet to occur. It was explained that the Kundalini would be the conduit for the exchange. While receiving this information the Kundalini was active but muted. However, it was intense enough that I felt it despite it being muted.

I felt the Kundalini energy in my entire mid-section when I awoke. It was swirling and quite heavy compared to what I am use to. This energy has been present on and off for a few weeks, slowly increasing in intensity and becoming less and less muted. I have also had third-eye activity almost non-stop going on four days now. There comes with the energy a sense I cannot describe. It is akin to intuiting major change or alteration in my path, but I cannot say if this is accurate or not.

Considerable progress has been made in preparing for the final exchange. Barriers that were once present are now nonexistent. Acceptance on my part is the norm and most fears related to the process have been addressed.


What it Will Be Like

I assume I have been asking many questions about what to expect of the exchange when it occurs. What will it feel like? Will I know it has happened? What is the process exactly? These are just a few questions that I have had and asked over time.

In one of my dreams early this morning I was interacting with a familiar energy that presented itself in masculine form in my dream. He showed me a large fence had been removed. Fences are barriers to progress. The removal of this one was significant and allows the walk-in full access to this body.

Then the walk-in explained the process of the exchange in more detail. It was compared to a very precise medical surgery. The first part is the evacuation of the human host body by the walk-out (me). With this I saw that the body would be vacant for a time, though not long in human time because when the exchange occurs it will be in a place where time does not exist. I was shown the body will have awareness of this part of the process and how very important it will be to make sure it remains calm and trusting. The walk-in then explained how he will then enter the body via the crown and descend into the heart, expanding to the lower chakras from there. I could feel the energy of the Kundalini when he told me this and understood the Kundalini acted as the conduit for his entrance.

He was very animated and excited when he told me what the end result will be. I can’t remember his exact wording now but his personality shown through as very confident, capable and focused. He stood in front of me (completely naked) and said, “I will at once be here and then there (pointing to me).” He indicated that I would not notice a difference, that all will be as it was (seemingly) but that the individual that is now me will be no more. The feeling here was more profound than his words. I was a bit apprehensive at what I heard but he reassured me that there was nothing to fear.

Though we had this dream discussion in what appeared to be a bedroom, I could sense that it was far from that in “reality”. There was a distinct E.T. element to be felt and my memory here indicates we were aboard a vessel surrounded by very medical-like technology and being assisted by several others who I could not see. In a previous portion of the dream, when I was first approached by the walk-in, I recall saying to him, “You are not human”.

The walk-in assured me that he would continue my “work” without incident but that he would free me (us) of the distractions I have gotten entangled in this lifetime. I received this reassurance with relief. There was a brief discussion about how in the past I had reconsidered the exchange and delayed it. I mentioned that I could not be sure I wouldn’t do that again. He seemed unconcerned and asked me, “Do you want to stay?” My response was almost immediate. I said, “I am ready for a break.” I then asked where I would go while he took over. There was a sense here that I would experience a full reunion and much needed “vacation”. I said, “Can I come back?” I was told that I could but the feeling here was that I could never resume full control but only “visit” and “observe”.

I asked him if he was a soul aspect. He said, “I am family.” The feeling was that “aspect” is not the appropriate word. He is me but he is complete without me.

In this entire exchange it was obvious to me that he is not my Companion Traveler. I noticed this in dreamtime but not enough to cause upset. It was a passing thought only. When I awoke, however, I immediately asked, “Where is my Companion?” I could not feel him nor did he seem even close by. It was like he had vanished. Instead I had this familiar yet distinctly different energy near me – the walk-in. The quality of his energy is hard to describe but familiar in that it is the same energy that accompanied me for an entire week in May, 2015 during a walk-along.

I did not received an answer about where my Companion is but my concern vanished as if an answer was received. The feeling is that we will be reunited as a result of the exchange.


Practice Makes Perfect

Throughout the night last night we were practicing the exchange as well as discussing it in depth. I woke frequently, each time hearing the voice of the walk-in in my mind, his energy very close. I was alarmed initially especially since the practice sessions were so acutely different than anything I have experienced.

The part of the practice that alarmed me was energetically powerful to the point that the Kundalini felt much like lightening bolts of energy. All of this energy accompanied a complete take-over of my will by the walk-in. It was not by force but by agreement and in an attempt to help me understand the final result of the exchange. The message I got not long ago applies – Let thine will be mine. The sensation of this exchange of will was experienced very tangibly. One minute I was in control and the next I was not but another “person” was. This other person took over completely.

When I woke the practice felt very much like I had been invaded and taken over by another Soul. This is what startled me initially but there was instant understanding that it was a good thing and not to be feared despite going against the Ego’s illusion of having full control.

As you can imagine my biggest concern is that I will cease to exist altogether and this person I have become, who I am in this life, will be gone forever. It has been made clear that this is not exactly correct. I have yet to come to any kind of real understanding of how I will be after the exchange. It seems to be a combination of the me I am now and someone entirely different. Like a meshing of the two. I am reminded of the time of the walk-along and how it felt and was experienced. The difference, I am told, is that the walk-in will be in control this time and not me.

As a confirmation of this, I fell into a mini-dream where I was in a car searching for my keys while sitting in the driver’s seat. I turned to my right where the walk-in was sitting and smiling at me. I knew then that he had the keys, not me. I accepted this and stopped looking for the keys.

I must say that in considering all of the above I have found peace of mind despite all the unknowns. It is a relief of sorts to know that I will not have to deal with all the responsibilities and difficult decisions that come with driving (directing) this host body (vehicle). Similar to when on a long road trip, I feel weary and in need of rest, as if I have been driving for 24 hours straight without any sleep. Without someone else to take the wheel I would likely crash and burn.



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7 Responses to Where I’m at Now

  1. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    I have also been going through integration. Soul exchange was recently an option for me. I did not take it because when I leave I do not want someone else occupying my body. I want to leave the “typical” way. I also know that my exit point is quickly approaching and it seemed needless to do a Soul exchange no matter how exhausted I am. Besides, this is the last time around for me. Do you know when you will be leaving? I am assuming that you will be returning to the Spirit Realm, is this correct? I was wondering whether you are very nervous about all of this? I am nervous about my exit point but it is more a nervousness one would experience before their wedding or having a baby. You know, a good nervousness.

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    • Dayna says:

      I was told June. “Completion: Expected date of completion, June 2017. This is a tentative date as requisite breaks may be lengthened under extenuating circumstances as unforeseen setbacks may occur.” This is from my About page – https://awalkinlife.wordpress.com/about/
      I actually hadn’t thought of the completion date being this month until now. Ahh! lol I’m not nervous. I’m excited. I would be more nervous is I were going to die the “typical” way. I hate the idea of pain, upset or anything else for my family to lose me at such a young age. It would kill my mom.

      I’m not sure where I will go or if all of me will go. That is what feels strange. When the walk-along was occurring I felt honored to have him along. He felt like me. That makes me think that when this is all done he will still feel like me and that really only a portion of me will go Home to rest. Being we are “family”, that makes the most sense anyway. I guess we will see. I was previously told the last four days in June are “graduation”.

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      • etherealbeingsinmylife says:

        I should have read the about page first. It was very helpful. I think I would be excited too. I am so terribly homesick and exhausted.

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      • Dayna says:

        We are getting a spiritual break right now and there is some amazing energy coming in. All starseeds are homesick. It is one of our challenges but we can’t let it deter us from our mission. If we Remember that this is just a journey and we can go Home via our hearts (like Skype hehe) anytime then it is easier. ((((hugs))))

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      • etherealbeingsinmylife says:

        Is your physical family aware of this and how do they feel about it?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Dayna says:

        My husband knows about it but I don’t think he understands or maybe he doesn’t believe. Kids and mom, sisters, etc don’t know.

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