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Reminder: Mission Comes First

Had a reminder visit this morning to help keep me on track. It came both in the form of a dream and in recovering of memory of my mission in this life and body. Last night I went to bed … Continue reading

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I wish to discuss a feeling I’ve been aware of these past months since I walked in. The feeling existed prior to the walk-in, only it was less obvious and easy to ignore. Now, however, it cannot easily be ignored. … Continue reading

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The Body as a Temple

I mentioned in my last post that I planned on writing more about my insights about the treatment of the physical body and maintaining balance. Below are excerpts from my personal journal. June 4th  As I settled down to sleep … Continue reading

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As time passes and I integrate more fully into this life and body it is, the difficulty surrounding what I signed up for is becoming more and more obvious. The following dreams provide insight into the challenges I face. Dream: … Continue reading

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