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Lots of activity last night and this morning. More preparation. In one vivid dream I was talking to a FB friend who also speaks Light Language. We were discussing the symbols/codes and their use. She drew one for me, telling … Continue reading

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Documentation of Integration

This post is to document the integration process as it is unfolding. Walk-Out Examples of the surfacing and subsequent releasing of the walk-out’s tendencies: A strong desire, sometimes compulsion, to exit this life. There is often much emotional outpouring, bargaining and … Continue reading

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Loving Too Much

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. I apologize for that but there was too much going on. I’ve run through a gamut of emotions in the last couple of months. The confusion and overwhelm were just too … Continue reading

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Painting in Acrylic: The Serpent

Sharing the painting I finished today. I started it over a week ago and finally got inspired enough to finish it. The snake is one I saw in a dream not long ago. It was yellow and green mainly and … Continue reading

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Braided Soul — 2020 Spiritual Vision

I was taking a moment to reflect on this past year. Wow does and doesn’t cover it. I’ve changed and learned/remembered, a lot. While I write and share often, I don’t write about everything. So, to be honest I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Light Language for Today

It was a rough day so I took some time to let the Light Language flow. I was speaking it, too, but did not record it. Sorry. I was at work and it was hard enough to find a private … Continue reading

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