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Interim Period and Adjustments

In this, the interim period when the soul exchange pauses for integration and sublimation of old energies, the walk-out is beginning to recognize already a significant departure from some of her own personality and habits. Though she continues to act … Continue reading

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Kundalini and the Soul Exchange

A tumultuous time has come and gone for the walk-out. She is preparing for the next stage, one in which she will begin to acclimate to the new energy of the walk-in. Yes, they have been braided for some time, … Continue reading

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Panel Discussion Proceedings

In this stage there is a Life Review in process. This is where the walk-out reviews her current life from birth to present. In this arena there is much cause for concern with the walk-out as she is acutely aware … Continue reading

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Departure: Avoiding Transference

It is becoming more and more obvious to the walk-out that the soul exchange is real. She is requesting that her experiences be shared and does not understand why I hesitate to fulfill her request. At her urging I will … Continue reading

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Withdraw and Retreat

This morning I am acutely aware of being distinctly Two. It is the strangest phenomena and I am recognizing so much within such a small space of time. I truly am “working” in my sleep, and right now, the releasing … Continue reading

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The Heart as a Conduit

I have been having a very interesting phenomena occurring since February 18th. I have resisted writing about it because, honestly, it makes me feel like I am going a bit insane. Yet it continues to manifest and my guidance is … Continue reading

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Beliefs, Gender and Sexuality

After this morning’s demonstration, there was a post-demonstration discussion. What struck me as the most significant about the experience was the telepathic connection I had with the facilitator and how extremely relieved I was to find that he had complete … Continue reading

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The Magik of La Luna

Based upon the events of last night, it appears that my particular situation is being used for teaching purposes. My teacher and classmates got a great laugh out of it as well. All of my experience came as a dream … Continue reading

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Self-Love and the Human Form

When I awoke this morning there was suddenly a memory of what had transpired in my sleep. It did not match my dreams. I am becoming use to this phenomenon, though. What I need to know will be revealed when … Continue reading

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Awareness Takes Form

Yesterday was a strange day. I awoke in a daze. Sleep deprived for the third night in a row, I was exhausted. It didn’t help that my middle son awoke near midnight with a high temperature. I was beside myself … Continue reading

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