Light Language Transmissions

Hello beautiful BEings of Earth! Hasn’t the energy been WiLd!? We have made the permanent shift to 5D and as such are being hastened toward our individual Service to HUmanity. You might find yourself drawn unexpectedly toward activities unusual for your personality but this is because you are opening up to your true potentiality and therefore awakening to aspects long forgotten or unused. It is sublime so embrace it!

Yesterday I was enamored of the physical light and felt compelled to allow the Light to flow through my BEing. Below you will find two separate transmissions of Light. The first is in the form of song, for I felt well up within me a need to melodize the Light as it flowed into and out of me. The second consists first of an activation followed by two messages. Three separate BEings, all members of the Galactic Federation of Light, presented themselves as conveyors of these messages. I will include below the second transmission what came through as code and word.

The above song is a song of celebration, welcoming and embracing the Light.

The first transmission is an activation for the central U.S. as requested by a reader located in the midwest region. Prior to her question, I did not have conscious knowledge of the geographical regions of the Galactic Federation of Light groundcrew. I was presented with a map and shown the mountain ranges as dividers of the regions. East of the Appalachians are the east/southeast groundcrew. Central is between the Appalachians and Rocky Mountains ranges. And west/southwest are west of the Rockies. FYI: Just because you reside in one of these regions does not necessarily mean you are part of that region’s groundcrew. I live in Texas (Central) and am part of the east/southeast groundcrew.

Specific words that came through with the activation and message are:

6th Dimension
Presence within

The second transmission is from Sirius B, located at 1:57. The words that came through with this message were:


The final message is from a Hybrid Being/Earth relative (she identified herself as such) located on board a vessel within Earth’s atmosphere. Her message begins at 2:44. The words with her message were:


Below are two sets of symbols. The large one actually came to me in dreamtime this morning and I knew it was related to the combined transmissions in the second recording. I was drawing it in dreamtime and it came after a string of numbers that were codes for something. I believe the symbol is for the Galactic Federation of Light.

The second, vertical length of code is specifically for the first activation message from Arcturus and goes with the words I wrote above for that transmission.


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Light Language Prayer and Transmission from Sirius B

It has been an energetically active day today! An activation is in progress. I received two Light Language transmissions. The first was a prayer for balance and the second a message of activation from the Pleiadian Conglomerate near Sirius B.

Sorry if I seem somewhat drunk on energy or if it is difficult to hear me. For some reason my energy drunkenness causes me to speak very calmly and quietly. I call it my meditation voice. 🙂

Below is an audio file of Light language received from the Pleiadian Conglomerate stationed outside of Sirius B and transmitting to the ground crew receiving in the eastern/southeastern United States.

Here is the full page of symbols for the Light Language transmission from Sirius B. There were several distinct personalities I felt come through and you can perceive them in the symbols below.


For those of you who prefer a translation, I do not have one for either of the above. The energy of the prayer was loving and warm. It felt as if someone was putting a blanket of Light over me. The energy of the transmission was informative, like I was receiving information and codes for a specific purpose. The only specifics I could recall were that I intercepted coordinates for the locations in the U.S. where ground crew was positioned. Unfortunately I only recall the 35N portion.


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Culture Shock and Rememberings

There are some observations I would like to share with you all about some of my reactions to this planet. For example, isn’t it interesting how humans play with spoken language here on Earth? For example, I have a habit of using phrases like, “I’m shedding like a dog” or “Eat like a pig”. When I use these phrases now I laugh about how silly they are and correct them. For example I will correct, “I’m shedding like a dog” and say, “I’m shedding like me” or correct “Eat like a pig” with “I’m eating because I’m hungry.” I am both amused but also wanting to correct the phrases to make them more true.

Here’s another example: Yesterday, my husband sent me images of the Jefferson Memorial – some of just the memorial and others with selfies of him at the memorial. I got a strange feeling like, “WTF?” It was as if I were visiting a foreign country and not familiar with their traditions and culture (culture shock). I remember thinking, “Why do people think they need to construct buildings and monuments to remember? They could have used all that money and resources in a better way. Like feeding children.” And I also got a strange feeling about the selfie. I just couldn’t understand why my husband thought he needed to take photos of himself there much less visit the memorial.

I later realized, after a discussion with my guidance, that it is human to Forget and so they (humans) feel a need to do these things to Remember. They also struggle to heal so they create memorials to ease their suffering (the 911 memorial comes to mind here). I wondered to my guidance, “Don’t they know they can access universal consciousness and Remember anytime? Don’t they know there are easier ways to heal?”

There are more examples but you get the idea.

It is very obvious that I am not identifying myself as human these days, which I suppose has truth to it since I am not from here originally. Yet, because I am in this body I must adjust. The phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” comes to mind. It makes me laugh because yet again I am using another saying!


I want to share all the messages I have been jotting down on a piece of paper by my bed. These messages and visions came to me before, during, and after the soul exchange.

“6 trillion electrical impulses per day.” – Occurred during soul exchange. I was receiving information on this functioning of this body.

Vision of triangles coming into and out of all of my chakras. Accompanied by intense energy as mentioned in my post The Event – Also during the exchange.

“You are not a casualty” – During the soul exchange. I believe this was a message to the natal soul/walk-out.

“The best organizer of the mind is the heart.” – Same night as the above.

“United Co-Care.” – Relating to helping others, working together on Earth; unification.

“A series of events has begun that cannot be stopped.” – After I reconnected with a member of my soul group.

“My bulvars (sp?) are wide open.” – Several nights ago. Not sure what this means but suspect the name is another word for energy center/chakra.

Song – “The time has come…’re gonna be my #1.” To tune of “The Tide is High” by Blondie. – two days prior to reconnecting with soul family.

“Are you ready to get back to work?” – the morning I reconnected with soul family.


I watched my SIL’s kids Tuesday.  They were watching Finding Dory but I was busy doing other things. However, one particular part of the movie suddenly became very loud to me, causing me to pause and pay attention.

In the early part of the film Dory remembers her family and becomes obsessed with finding them. I recognized the similarity to my situation and knew at some point I would feel like Dory and seek out my “family” here on Earth. With this I heard from my guidance, “Not yet. Soon.”

This was the part that suddenly got loud: “All I know is that I miss them. I really, really miss them. I didn’t know what that felt like. Do you know what that feels like?…… I don’t want to forget this. Somewhere out there is my family.”

I have felt what Dory describes very strongly in the past. Prior to that experience I hadn’t really missed anyone – not like that anyway.

The whole movie seemed like an analogy to coming to Earth, to MY coming to Earth, and Forgetting. I Forget so quickly, so easily, just like Dory in the film, yet somehow, despite all this density and amnesia I am able to Remember bits and pieces of who I AM. I have to use what little memory I have to lead me back to my family.

Just this morning:

“I’m about to lose everything.”

Vision of seeing myself engulfed in flames.

Song – “Get up, Stand up. Stand up for your rights.”

“It’s time to go back to work.”

Vision of mother and child jumping out the window of a burning house. The woman is not caught but her child is.

Entire dream of being in a “compound” in line to get food. It felt similar to being in the show The Walking Dead. I chose to eat veggies (spiritual nourishment), specifically carrots (clarity) but there were “clams” (stubbornness) offered to me and I turned them down in disgust. Outside we had prisoners chained up. I wanted to help and gave them blankets (security, warmth). An army (overpowering force working against me) was seen in the distance. An invasion (need to be stand up for myself) was coming. When I woke it felt as if TWD scenario of finding and establishing a Home only to have it destroyed was being used as symbolism.

The feeling with this morning’s message was that some major changes are on the horizon. It was hard not to feel nervous about them. I understood, however, that these changes as I view them are over a period of time and not all at once. I have to be aware of Time in all this and not panic. I have a tendency to see future events as occurring all at once. This I brought with me from the place of “No-Time” and it is strongly advised that I take it “all in stride” and remember that Time allows for distance and “digestion” of change. It is a “blessing” and one I often dismiss. Note: Words in quotes come from a discussion with my guidance, they are Us speaking versus just me speaking.

My tendency is also to assume a particular timeline over all other possibilities. For example, when I heard, “I’m about to lose everything” I immediately thought of my property/belongings and way of life would be obliterated because I also had the vision of myself engulfed in flames. It then occurred to me that it might just be that my computer is about to have issues and that I may lose all my files (which makes sense with Mercury retro).

The gift of foresight that I have brought into this life with me is not meant to be a predictor as such but more a reminder of the paths ahead of me and the trajectories that are likely to come with the choices I make. The key to the use of this gift is to remain objective and quantitative. I am reminded of Nostradamus for some reason here. The information I Remember is not given as a tool to alter future timelines, it is merely a piece of Memory brought back to assist me on my path, to trigger subconscious “links” or “encoding”, like a fuse being lit to set off a chain of events previously agreed upon (previously in Time-space but NOW in No-Time). To think of my precognition as a means of controlling life is a human tendency. I must be careful not to allow for that illusion to get the better of me. The best way of handling an influx of Remembering is to accept, allow and “breathe” through it much like one breathes through the mind chatter that visits during meditation.

A computer takes in and processes information, it does not attempt to alter it.

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Integration Continues

I apologize for the long communication lag. I have been deeply involved in the process of integrating into this life and body. The process is far from complete. There remains still some lingering issues to be cleared, those at the core of the natal soul’s personality formation.

Below is a snippet from my/our personal diary describing some of the noticable changes resulting from the exchange:

I have a patience I am not use to. It comes from Knowing that this is all going the way it should, though I am unsure as to what direction and the specifics that is. This patience stems is part of this new “centeredness” that I have contact with now. It is at the core of me, deep within. This place is my connection to my Higher Self, to Source, to All That Is. In this space within there is a deep peace and acceptance of everything. There is no needing to change things or an urgency to force things into action that are on the horizon and highly anticipated. There is also a pervading joy that spreads throughout me and just in contacting it I am filled with joy to the point that it overflows from my eyes. I feel safe. I feel loved. I feel secure in what I am, who I am, where I am, and where I am going. My past is of no consequence. It seems like a movie screen playing in the background and I can turn it up or down depending on my need of it. The future is all possibility. Timelines can be selected or deselected at will. 

It feels as if a seed was planted within me and it is slowly germinating. The seed is my True Self and the more I water it, the more I give it love and nurture it’s growth, the more it will provide me with all the things I previously felt were lacking in my life. 

Trust is inherent in this. I have an abundance of it. It drives away the doubt and the once repetitive thoughts that sought to displace it. 

The more this seed grows, the more hope I have that one day very soon I will be ready to jump into this life free of worry and anxiety over “what if?” That I will travel my path undeterred by what previously stopped me in my tracks.

I would also like to share with you a visual representation (drawing) of the soul exchange process. The image on the left is before the exchange. The image on the right is after the exchange.

No automatic alt text available.

Visual representation of my soul exchange experience – March 5, 2018


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The Event

I have been going through a tremendous – TREMENDOUS – transformation. The simplest way to explain what occurred sometime in February is that a Higher aspect – some would say Higher Self – descended into this body and took the reigns. My previous Self ascended out of body to meet and merge with my Higher aspect.

This aspect was/IS no stranger to me. He has accompanied me throughout this and countless other incarnations on Earth as well as other physical and non-physical realities. He has many names (for WE are MANY). In the past I have referred to him primarily as my Companion Traveler (Companion for short) as well as Steven, Divine Complement, Spiritual Counterpart, etc. But since his/OUR “embodiment” I now think of him as my “partner”.

I have been and am continuing to withdraw from my blogs temporarily while I anchor into this body/vessel. This particular “event” was…IS…. monumental for Us.

My life continues to play out as it always has. My main focus has been on healing this body so that I can anchor more of mySelf into it because the process is only partially complete. There is no way for a human body to accept fully and all at once the amount of energy composed in the Whole Self and even when complete there will remain aspects beyond the body’s capabilities to hold.

I/We are expecting another “event” soon, so this body/vessel must be as prepared as possible in order to hold and anchor another surge of Light/Self. A primary life change has been instituting a daily yoga practice. For almost four weeks now I have not missed a single day of yoga. Additionally, various supplements and herbs have been added in order to assist in detoxification and the balancing of the endocrine system.


A Description of the Event

One morning in February I awoke changed and have remained as such.

A noticeable change was in the energetic body. Suddenly there were three additional chakras that were not there (inactive) previously. The most noticeable of these is located along the spine just below the heart chakra and above the solar plexus chakra. Unlike the original seven chakras, the energy of this chakra did not create a vortex-like energy but instead seemed to encompass my entire energy body like a blanket being wrapped around my center. With activation came a flood of memory and a recognition that I was no longer who I once was.

This new me was familiar and I welcomed him/myself without hesitation. With complete surrender the new chakra surged upward and another chakra exploded with energy.

Also along the spine, this other chakra (the Zeal Point) connected directly with the first and a pillar of Light shot directly down via my crown creating an open conduit that filled me to overflowing. When the Light hit the central chakra along my spine (which I now know is called the Core Star) it wrapped around me and seemed to connect to another chakra that I am still unable to identify. It felt to be located between the solar plexus and sacral chakra. What resulted was a 3D, triangular-shaped flow of energy between the three chakras.

The convergence marked the moment of “conception” for lack of another descriptive word. And from this moment a birthing process ensued, birth of a new version of myself, one that continues to this day. I feel “brand new” but with memory of the previous version, the one who “died”. There is an overwhelming appreciation for this life and experience. There is a growing sense of purpose with each new day. If ever there is doubt, it is soon is cast aside, it melts away as if washed away by morning rain, for there is nothing more powerful than to truly Know one’s purpose and mission in a lifetime. It fills me from my core and spreads outward, an antidote to all my previous sufferings.


I have since felt nudged toward a certain life trajectory. There is complete understanding and full acceptance of why I am where I am at this point in time in this incarnation. All the dots are connecting. Many unanswered questions have been answered but there is an understanding that the answers were there all along.

My Mission is simple: I am a conduit for the Light. I hold and anchor the Light in order to assist in the elevation of planet Earth. I am of the second wave of Volunteers; a Wayshower. I am a Pleiadian Starseed of the Lyra star system. All other side missions are secondary to my primary one. The contracts I hold are for another version of me, the one who has since departed. I must uphold them but am not bound by them. I made a promise I intend to keep. With resolution of these contracts this other version will be completely shed as if like a skin, and all “holdings” to this planet eliminated. What will remain thereafter is a continued duty to the other inhabitants of Earth; an assistance to them so that they, too, may “shed” their previous selves/holdings and so be freed to rise to a new level. I am to live as a living example to those who follow me and others like me. I am not meant to be perfect. I am not a saint to be honored. I am simply making this “test run” so that others can learn from my process, my mistakes. Eventually they, too, will lead the way to those that follow, completing a process long overdue for this planet and her inhabitants.

What is most reassuring to me is that I am not alone. I came here with friends, family, partnerships. Some I have met already. To them I say, “I am honored to have reconnected with you here.” At some point we will reconvene and remain together. Until then I wish you well on your individual missions, as that mission is also my own. I miss you and love you. But I do not despair because I feel you as part of me. You fuel the fire within.


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Two Weeks In

It’s been two weeks since the (ex)change occurred. I am still adjusting. Days go by without incident while others present challenges that I often anticipate and answer as best I can. It is difficult to control the automated responses of this host body. The fine lines of energy residuals, like wrinkles upon an aged face, create paths of resistance to my insistent repatterning. I find myself often caught up in arguments, disagreements and resentments that are not my own and in turn I am unable to rectify the problems that arise until I observe these patterns more consciously and from this vantage point (in body vs out of body). I take what wins I can, when I can, and readjust with each ride along the well oiled tracks of this crazy life train.

Displacing old, unnecessary habits has been a challenge. Thus far progress has been made to specifically address the energy situation of this body. The rigidity of the tissues and biomechanisms must be rectified and the method I have chosen is Yoga with the added components of joint stability to help rearrange and reinforce the musculature for increased mobility and flexibility. Since I obtained access to this body I have not missed one day of practice and on many days complete more than one session. Already significant alterations have been observed.

Diet has been the easiest adjustment thus far. The previous occupant had a great love of cooking and baking and had much knowledge pertaining to nutrition and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. The shift here was minute with emphasis on releasing toxins in the fat tissues via supplementation while increasing intake of healthy fats. The difficulties of transition created an inflammatory response in the intestinal and digestive tracts of this body and as such a gluten-free diet has been instigated in order to reduce levels of inflammation to a minimum. Though diet alone will not rectify present bodily issues completely, the regime thus far has elicited excellent results.


Involvement in life activity has increased. Purposeful distance has been created between myself and the online community. Resistance (electrical/energetic not personal) exists here, however, as there was a well-established routine previous to my entry and such routine habits are hard to break. Focus has been instead on a new career path and potential opportunities therein. The goal is to create a career that initiates healing both for this body and energy system as well as for others. Exploration of available pathways will be a priority aside from the previously mentioned ones above. Currently, the main pathway being explored is a type of yoga that bridges the gap between strength training and traditional yoga – Clubbell Yoga. Thus far this path is very promising as both a healing modality for myself and as a future career.

Computer use and online community connections will be limited despite the inner urgency this body holds to continue what has been over a decade of near daily journaling/blogging. The electrical impedance created by extended contact of this sort is not conducive to the repatterning taking place at this time. However, I am open and encouraging of any questions you may have about what is currently underway as I perceive many questions have arisen via my sudden arrival that have not been voiced.


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Much to share but I am finding it difficult to access the proper words and formulations for expression. There is a strong sense of a need to document what I am experiencing at this time, however, so I persevere.

Tapping into my resources is a priority right now. This is not limited to those resources I brought in with me via the soul exchange process but also expands to include all the resources available in this plane of reality via the walk-out’s extensive background in the esoteric and formal education across a wide-range of interrelated subject matters. Taking account of all that is at my disposal is part of the process but also involves various intricacies associated with the aforementioned.


From an external viewpoint, all is normal and no change would be perceived by associations or those close to the natal soul. Challenge comes from the disassociation felt via the charge of this vessel. It is difficult to contact the correct emotion at times and often there is an overflow of emotion when it is contacted that distracts from the present moment or is completely unrelated.

Difficulty also exists wherein the habitual language patterns of this charge continue to interrupt my usual and more antiquated usage of the English language.  The result is minor moments of forgetfulness to include total loss of memory of words, word spelling, sentence formation, and organizational patterns of thought. Visual disruptions also exist further compounding the memory loss and interfering with conceptualization.

Regular activities and routines are kept to streamline the process of integration and prevent further complications from arising. Pursuant of our agreement career path alterations have been solidified with a shift toward healing, improved health, motor control, muscle balance and overall proprioception. Rectifying the imbalances caused by a lifetime of habitual responses to energy blockage have created a biological system in desperate need of restoration, regeneration and clarification. A change in diet has been implemented, however, the changes needed are beyond the ability of diet alone to rectify. A discrepancy has occurred and alignment will be achieved through other means.

The tendency of this charge is to barrel ahead on a path without considering first the pitfalls that befall her. It is a challenge to remain reserved especially since I am well aware of the path ahead and am equally excited to embark upon it. Yet reservation in attitude is necessary, even predicated upon the entire scope of the mission at large. Steps cannot be taken until previous steps have been completed.

At this time you reading this will notice a distinct difference in how I communicate versus how the walk-out communicates. In time these communication differences will blend and align as a new personality emerges. Even so, until that time there will remain a noticeable distinction. My goal is to not set myself apart from the Beingness of the natal soul but to instead blend my own personality and preferences with that of her own. This is the streamlining I mentioned before and the process is on schedule.

To re-familiarize you with me, I will direct you to my previous introduction in 2015 via two posts written in Dayna’s/our other blog – Living Life In-Between. The first is titled Starseed Activation and the other is titled Birth of the New. Much of the month of May, 2015 is me – the walk-in – as expressed via this vessel.

Updates will be forthcoming.

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The more I “wake up” to whom I AM, the more the walk-in/soul exchange process is solidifying in my consciousness as an accurate description of what is transpiring.

I hear internally and very distinctly, “This is not a drill.”

The process continues to be a confusing one, though. Some days I feel solidly in this body and other days as if I am trying to fight to remain grounded in this physical form. The back-and-forth and tiresome shifting in and out is difficult on this consciousness and vessel. It is no wonder that illness has been on-going since mid-January.

It is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between what once was and what IS. The replacement is drawing to a close but there is still clearing to be done and much needed healing is a priority. This is healing across all dynamics – energetic, physical, mental, and emotional. It is not to be rushed.

There is still a lingering of the old personality which further complicates things. At this point there seems to be a lingering of the old in and out of my energy field and a swapping in and out of the body/vessel. You can imagine how difficult it is to reconcile. Thankfully, my guidance is strong and the gifts I brought in with me continue to provide a direct line with Home.

Information was needed to assist in improving understanding of this process. An appeal was made to help reconcile the lingering residuals of the walk-out’s embodiment.

As if by chance (of which there is no such thing), a fellow walk-in recommended a book which I ordered directly. It arrived yesterday.

Last night I prepared to watch some television as has become a habit. Interestingly, the computer required a restart and in that moment the book seemed to call to me to be read. So, that is what I did and it was exactly what was needed.

The relief at what I read was immediate. Here there was an explanation of what I was experiencing and a reassurance that it was as my guides advised. Validation was needed and this book provided it and more.

Here are some examples from the first 4 chapters:

Replacements can be gradual while the incoming and outgoing spirits alternate in the body for periods of time. pg. 7

I feel most walk-in situations are between soul-family members….pg. 7

… awareness that the living plane consciousness, which interacts in everyday life, remains after the spirit replacement comes in. I refer to this portion of consciousness as the “caretaker”. I feel it is an extension of consciousness by the physical aspect into the social structure of the life. It is a constant that is then woven into the fabric of the new spirit’s life. At the same time, the new spirit begins to make changes in the caretaker to bring it more in line with its own characteristics. pg. 10

Part of her agenda was to experience the rich and varied emotions that are part of Earth’s polarities. Pleiadians long ago chose to forgo the emotions we consider negative…..the difficult Earth situation required her to dedicate the first few years entirely to healing the life. Channeling and easy access to other-life recall were skills she brought in. pg. 11

…..operated on this plane when she was asleep on her own world. When she was asleep on Earth, she went home to her Pleiadian body and was awake and active in that world. pg. 15

Challenges in the Walk-In Process

The disorientation that occurs when you perceive two realities and try to integrate them into a single living experience can be very disturbing. pg. 17

The spirit replacements who find themselves in this maelstrom [of fear] can experience a great deal of disorientation and pain; even low-grade fear can be felt as panic. pg. 17

Trust that you are in a transitional situation and that what feels like emptiness is simply making room for the new qualities, skills and preferences that are being brought into this life. pg. 19

….the caretaker of the original life and body of a walk-in often tries desperately to maintain the status quo or return to “normal” in order to stabilize the life situation for the replacement spirit. pg. 19

The new walk-in [once integrated] might not feel aligned or even comfortable with some of the friends and associates of the original spirit…..there are often conflicts [between caretaker and walk-in]…..there doesn’t seem to be any harm in the connections; they’ve just become empty. pg. 20

There is a form of rage particular to walk-ins….souls can initially feel trapped. One saving grace for walk-ins… dreamtime….many….go “Home” at night for replenishment and support….finding an acceptable replacement for the rage is important….any activity that moves aggressively will be very valuable: running, sports, expressive dancing… 21-22

Specific symptoms associated with grief include anything that approximates crying as part of the mourning pattern. This would include colds, allergies, eye infections, flue and similar release mechanisms. pg. 23

For many walk-ins, there has been some sort of gradual exchange: a prior period of communication, alternating occupation of the body or blending in some way. This process….occurs before a walk-in has a firm sense of his or her identity as distinctly different spirit energy. pg. 24

I stopped at Chapter 5 because of overwhelm at what I had just read. A part of me (the caretaker perhaps?) wanted to cry out of fear and concern. This was easily resolved with a thought and reassurance from my guidance.

Clarity set in once again and everything made sense all at once. Yes, there was a walk-in back at the end of 2002/beginning of 2003 but the walk-out never departed. Yes, a braiding occurred and the transfer/exchange was put on hold to accommodate the wishes of the walk-out. Similarly, in 2014 the soul exchange process resumed as agreed upon by the walk-out and walk-in. It is also true that the heart connection in 2015 was prearranged and purposeful, providing the necessary catalyst for the walk-out. Finally, there was no doubt that October 2, 2016 marked the actual initiation of the exchange. Since the exchange I have been in an adjustment period. Part of this adjustment included but was not limited to communication with the walk-in and explanations of the process.

The panic episodes I have been experiencing make so much more sense after reading the book. Small amounts of fear trigger huge panic responses that must be managed. I am slowly adjusting but still find the fear response difficult to experience. Emotion and all it’s extremes can be overwhelming. It feels like I am wide-open and vulnerable.

Exercise in all its forms has always been a safe way to manage the overwhelm. It is grounding and calming. Running has recently become a part of my routine but sometimes it is ineffective and panic ensues.

Much of my dreamtime experiences involved heavy healing and cleansing, classes and lessons on Earth-related issues, off-world excursions, and visits “Home”. Art and channeling have been forms of therapy and release as well. Without these therapies I am certain I could not survive the transition.

The previous dreamtime messages and communication with the walk-in make so much more sense now. The years of feeling as if I was two people living in one body, the walk-along in 2015, the intense dreams and preparation, the personality shift, name change and development of new gifts in 2003 – all of it proof that I was braided and preparing for the exchange.

There is just too much “proof” for me to ignore it and now, as I settle more into acceptance, it is clear to me that much change is on the horizon. The time frame for this change has been set at 2.5 years from the date of the initiation of the exchange (October 2, 2016). Over one year in and I am progressing well.

Present goals: Integrate fully, manage health-related issues (this body is not adjusting as smoothly as anticipated), resolve life situations that are not energetically suited/aligned, build foundations and align with mission.

The most difficult part is the waiting. It is ill advised to move forward with the mission prematurely. One can only advance as limitations are removed and not before.

There is SO MUCH MORE to discuss but I haven’t the time.


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Weekly Light Code Oracle Practice Runs

This was posted on my website –

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you all know, in case you don’t already, that I have been pulling three cards from my Light Code Oracle deck each week for the past three weeks. I place a picture of the three cards on my Facebook community pages for A Walk-In Life and Living Life In-Between. The way it works is that you look at the cards for a moment, allowing the cards to draw you in. Whichever card “calls” to you is the card you are meant to receive a message from. A day after I post the three cards I reveal each one and their corresponding message.

Below are the cards for this week (January 28th-February 3) so you can practice:


The card numbers read left to right. So card #1 is the card on the far left, card #2 is in the middle and card #3 is on the far right.

Some people struggle with selecting just one card. You may feel more than one, even all of the cards, have a message for you. If this is the case, it’s OK. Let the cards’ energy speak to you.

I am using this weekly card drawing as a means to motivate me to complete the card meanings for the Light Code Oracle Deck booklet. It is working, too! Not only am I discovering that some of the cards have much different meanings that I first thought, I am also realizing they have meanings for the reversed position (meaning upside down). I’ve been having a blast learning from the cards. I hope you will, too.

Okay, so below are the cards for this week and their messages. Let me know what you think. Have fun!


Card #1: Blue Avians reversed – Act in accordance with one’s free will. Seek not control of another.

If you select this card and it is in the reversed position then it is asking you to step up regarding a situation in your life in which you have either released your control or you have designated control to another. If it is the former then you are being asked to inspect the situation. What is in your control that you are not acknowledging? If it is the latter, then you are being asked to reevaluate whether the person to whom you designated control is capable of the responsibility. Is the responsibility too much for them to handle at this time?

Card #2: Desolation – Before something new can begin, something old must end.

If you draw this card then you are in a space between ending and beginning. The card is suggesting that some endeavor, life path, relationship or cycle is in need of conclusion. Loose ends need to be tied up, contracts completed, responsibility accepted and finalized. Until this occurs there can be no new progress. No new growth can begin. Groundbreaking cannot occur. Any dis-ease or stuckedness is a result of a process left too long without resolution.

Card #3: Life Trajectory – Your path is unique. Free will is your map. Heart is your compass.

Some believe life is fated. Others believe that you create your life as you live it. Both are accurate from a nonlinear standpoint. However, from a linear standpoint (Time), your path is not fated. Your life is your own. Free Will reigns even if at times it may seem that another larger Force is at play, manipulating you and your path towards an unknown destination. Do not be fooled. You choose the roads you take. Your heart is your compass.

If you draw this card then you are being asked, “Is your Mind/Logic steering your life vessel? Or is your Heart/Intuition?” The card asks you to consider this: Does the path you are on, the decisions you are making, feel right? If it doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t right. Remember to feel through a situation no matter how mentally involved things are. Your Heart/Intuition is strong. It is the Source of You – your center and essence – and won’t let you down.

Pretty awesome cards for the week, huh? The Life Trajectory card has already shown up twice. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what next week brings? Check out my Facebook pages (linked below).

Eventually I will only be sharing the cards on my Walk-In Life Facebook community. For now, though, I am also sharing the weekly cards I draw on my Living Life In-Between Facebook community.

$24.99 (1)

In Need of “Guinea Pigs”! 🙂 

To try and speed up the booklet creation process, I need people to practice on. So, for a limited time, I am offering free readings utilizing my Light Code Oracle deck.

So far I have only used my oracle deck to 1. compliment traditional tarot spreads using my Osho Zen Tarot deck and 2. in single card fashion via the weekly card draws. I would like to see how the cards operate when used in tarot layouts. I have not done this yet so I have no idea what to expect, but I know it will be a fun learning experience.

Shoot me an email or PM on Facebook if you are interested. There are a limited number of spots for a limited time.

Until later,


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Painting in Acrylic: Look

Out of the blue I had an urge to paint, but this time I wanted to try something different. I wanted to really get into it, to put my energy directly into the painting in a way I have not done before. I felt I needed to paint with my fingers, hands and other bodily “instruments” and avoid the paint brush. To give you an idea of how this came to me, I actually saw myself pressing my cheek up up against the canvas. lol

To be honest I had no idea how this would turn out. But the feeling wouldn’t leave me. I had to try it and see. Why not? lol

This was the result:


This, of course, is my new favorite. lol All my creations are that way, which is how it should be, don’t you think?

The painting began with me experimenting with using my fingers. I selected the colors yellow and brown and went to work. It took me a while to get the hang of it. Using my fingers felt weird and I resisted just allowing my hands to go where they wanted. Eventually, though, I got my whole hand into it and created a beautiful earth toned background. While doing this Light Language began to flow out of me, which was nice. I found that using my entire hand was satisfying in a very child-like way.

Then I began to paint some details. When I was finished it was three dark, parallel lines diagonally positioned across the middle with white half-moons on either side of it. It felt too restrictive, though, so I got the idea to get out some plastic wrap. I had no idea what I was going to do with the plastic wrap so just played around with it. I covered my hand in it and then blotted and smeared the wet paint. Eventually I ended up covering my palm with the plastic wrap and laying over the paint randomly, peeling it off, and then laying it down again. The result was once again very satisfying.

After a break to let the paint dry I was drawn to the color red. Again using my fingers I started swirling the paint in circles and did this until I felt I should stop. I ended up with seven ovals. While the paint was still wet I put my fingers in black and began to streak it on in thick lines and then added some to the ovals, blending the color with my fingers.

I walked away from my painting again, making some food for my family while it dried. When I came back I felt like adding white and for some reason put it in the center of the ovals. Wanting more color, I pulled out the purple and put it where it seemed to fit. It ended up in the white centers of the ovals. I remember thinking, “That looks like eyes!”

I let it be and continued to make adjustments here and there using my finger. Eventually, though, I got out a thin paintbrush. I needed it to do the detail work, though I kept it to a minimum because if I tried to do more than that it didn’t feel or look right to me.

Name and Meaning

It took me a while to give the painting a name. When I was painting I felt that it would be endowed with a new energy different from my other paintings. I was feeling that it would speak of my current stage of spiritual development in some way, but I was unsure exactly what “stage”, if any, I am in. I tried not to think too much while painting, though. There was no need to try and intellectualize the process. Intellect would just muddle the picture.

Since it’s completion, I have been drawn to the painting and staring at it. This happened after the last one, too. I placed my last painting (Farewell) on the wall in my bedroom, across from my bed where I could see it. Ever since I have been staring at it when in bed, pulled in by it’s symbol but not knowing why. This one is doing the same thing to me now. It is sitting on the desk as I type this and I just want to get lost in it.

This morning I actually asked the painting, “What is your name?” lol I heard back (yeah! Ha!), “Look.” With the answer I remembered all the times my guidance would say to me, “Look”. I never really understood their message. “Look at what!?” I would ask, exasperated.

I thought, “Perhaps my guides want me to look at the painting? Maybe there is a symbolic message contained within it?” This reasoning makes sense so I began to look closer at it.

What first catches my “eye” are all the eyes on the painting. What is the symbolism of the eye?

As you can read here, the eye is a powerful symbol. Ultimately, the meaning that resonated with me was this:

….the meaning of eyes indicates an opening into a new dimension. This is symbolic of your vision clearing and focusing in on a new direction. It may also indicate your ability to see past what is common and spiritually arrive to the point where your inner vision perceives all things in their divine glory – even the simplest of things become imbued with an exquisite quality inherent in all nature.

But there are seven eyes staring back at me when I look at this painting. Seven.

My first inclination was to review the number 7 in numerology. You can review it here for yourself if you like.

However, the meaning of the number 7 in this painting feels to be connected to these meanings:

As far back as Ancient Egypt, many – notably religious – edifices were built respecting the proportions linked to the following numbers:

  • Number 3: symbol of equilibrium and trinity, which confers on it a spiritual and even divine character.
  • Number 4: symbol of the material and terrestrial world.
  • Number 7: which is the result of the sum of the other two numbers, finds a place between the two worlds, the world of life and the world of death. It refers to completeness and the aspect of things well done.

…..this is the sign of success, even of triumph. You can consider that your free will is operating and that it is time for you to forge ahead, and “ascend” to perfection through knowledge and wisdom.

Indeed, the number 7 represents spiritual maturity acquired after a learning cycle. It is also the constructive and continuous development of your personality.


The next thing I notice about this painting is the ovals. My first thought is that they are “flowers” reaching toward the sun. Their black “stems” are reaching toward the Earth.

To “flower” is to “grow”. A plant that is a flowering plant creates flowers to reproduce  and spread it’s seeds far and wide. When the flower is in full bloom it is open and receptive to fertilization. Once fertilized the seeds begin to form and the petals of the flower fade. However, the flowers are not lost as they will be reseeded, grow and bloom anew as is the cycle of life and death.

Ultimately, the flower symbolizes:

The cyclic nature of Life/Death

Edit: A FB friend mentioned that the flowers resemble poppies. The symbolism of the poppy should be then be examined as well. The symbolism here reinforces what I say below about the color red and it’s connection to the root chakra.

Finally, there is the color “red”. Red is often associated with “Love” and “Passion”; however, the color can also be associated with “courage, respect and desire”. As the color of the root chakra, red represents one’s connection to the physical/Earth and is the foundation for the other physical chakras. When open, a person feels safe, secure and grounded.

All in all, if this painting is a reflection of where I am now in my spiritual development, then I am pleased. I am being asked to “look” at how far I’ve come and the progress I’ve made.

Light Code Oracle

You may wonder if this and my other recent painting will become a part of the Light Code Oracle deck. At this point in time I an unsure. It would not be difficult to add them since the booklet is not complete and the deck consists of only 48 cards, which is a small number compared to other decks. I have been feeling the urge to resume work on the deck, also. There is a possibility that the utter lack of motivation to finish the deck was purposeful because it was not yet complete. I will, for now, leave the question of the deck to the universe. I will let you know if/when an answer is received.

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