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Physical Progress

I wanted to give a status update regarding realigning the physical body to include not only the skeletal/musculature but the endocrine and digestive systems as well. Yoga As I have mentioned previously, I have been guided to practice yoga on … Continue reading

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I’ve been hesitant to write much since my return to this blog. I continue to have moments where I doubt that what I am experiencing is a soul exchange. It feels wrong to write anything when I am in doubt. … Continue reading

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Getting to Work

Below is a post I started about a few days ago but then never posted. I have been sitting on it, feeling it was never quite the right time. After more recent message I figured it was to post it. … Continue reading

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A False Path

At this time I have concluded that the “walk-in”-“soul exchange” path was misunderstood by myself. The “walk-in” message I received in 2015 was merely a heads up for the one week period of time in late May when another aspect … Continue reading

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Integrating the Child Self

Another experience to share. 🙂 Last night while doing one of my favorite Yoga practices where I “surrender into self-love” I was greeted with the memory of a brief lucid experience from earlier that morning. During the experience I re-visited … Continue reading

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In Treatment

I’ve been feeling emotionally mixed up lately. This only happens when I don’t keep myself busy. Painting, creating my oracle deck, attending to my children and other mundane chores and responsibilities overshadows the emotions, allowing me to be functional and … Continue reading

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Tantric Egg Practice

Not long ago I had a dream with a message about an “egg ceremony” in it. Then, through synchronicity, the puzzle pieces revealed the egg was in fact connected to Tantra and was not what I first thought. The way … Continue reading

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Current Considerings

Though I have been accessing my creative side for the last few days there has been some deep inner clearing going on under the surface. This clearing does not need my conscious attention. In fact, it would be slowed if … Continue reading

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Physical Issues

I feel like crap this morning. I went to bed with a sore throat and woke up with a migraine, my period (sorry if TMI) and all over body aches. This is the second migraine in a week. The first … Continue reading

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LL Transmission: Pleiadian Healing

We are integrating the latest influx of energies right now. Many are still experiencing the major fluctuations that come with taking in these energies, while others, like me, are in an integration phase. Integration phases often involve deep sleep, exhaustion, … Continue reading

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