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As time passes and I integrate more fully into this life and body it is, the difficulty surrounding what I signed up for is becoming more and more obvious. The following dreams provide insight into the challenges I face. Dream: … Continue reading

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Integration Continues

I apologize for the long communication lag. I have been deeply involved in the process of integrating into this life and body. The process is far from complete. There remains still some lingering issues to be cleared, those at the … Continue reading

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Documentation of Integration

This post is to document the integration process as it is unfolding. Walk-Out Examples of the surfacing and subsequent releasing of the walk-out’s tendencies: A strong desire, sometimes compulsion, to exit this life. There is often much emotional outpouring, bargaining and … Continue reading

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Integration of Masculine and Feminine

I am still in a funk but feeling a bit better. I have decided to just allow whatever this is to be and to not fight it. It is okay if I am not ready to change yet. It is … Continue reading

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As we move into the higher chakras I sense a deep, internal shift occurring. Today it was very noticeable, but it has been obvious since my return from Mt. Shasta. Twice now I have attempted to sit down and watch … Continue reading

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Lower Chakras Fully Integrated

I returned from a three day trip to Mt. Shasta, CA on Monday. While there I received multiple downloads, upgrades, alignments – you name it, I received it. I was in a constant state of vibration the entire trip. Just … Continue reading

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Update from the Walk-In

The memory of the actual walk-in event on April 5th was a surprise. I have many questions yet feel it they are unimportant at this time. I do not know why that is, yet at the same time I have … Continue reading

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Extensive Upgrade

Unbeknownst to the walk-out, an upgrade has been underway for several weeks. This particular upgrade is unique to those experiencing a soul exchange. It involves a reorganization of the meridians and subtle energy channels connecting the walk-in to the energy … Continue reading

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Changes of Note

As the days of integration turn to weeks, there is a sense of my interests shifting. This is subtle, but noticeable. My Companion, Steven, who you can read about here, seems to be the origination of these subtle interest changes. … Continue reading

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An Observation

There is one particular change to my personality that I have been observing which is acutely different from the me of the past. I have been hesitant to post it because I did not wish to offend anyone and then … Continue reading

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