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I wish to discuss a feeling I’ve been aware of these past months since I walked in. The feeling existed prior to the walk-in, only it was less obvious and easy to ignore. Now, however, it cannot easily be ignored. … Continue reading

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As time passes and I integrate more fully into this life and body it is, the difficulty surrounding what I signed up for is becoming more and more obvious. The following dreams provide insight into the challenges I face. Dream: … Continue reading

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Integration Continues

I apologize for the long communication lag. I have been deeply involved in the process of integrating into this life and body. The process is far from complete. There remains still some lingering issues to be cleared, those at the … Continue reading

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The Event

I have been going through a tremendous – TREMENDOUS – transformation. The simplest way to explain what occurred sometime in February is that a Higher aspect – some would say Higher Self – descended into this body and took the reigns. My … Continue reading

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