Reading for June 10th-30th – Go With the Flow

Here is a video I completed early today. In it I share my last four paintings. I have completed 48 paintings and 48 cards! Wow! Afterward I do a five card spread on the remainder of the month of June.

Here is an image of the spread for those of you who need a visual. I show the cards individually in the video but sometimes seeing the entire spread is helpful.


The positions of the above cards mean the following:

Center – The problem (current state)
Left – The unknown or what is hidden (guidance)
Bottom – What is behind the person (past issues)
Right – What is known by the person (the obvious)
Top – What is needed for resolution.

The extra card (top right) fell out while I was shuffling. When a card falls out it is usually something additional that my guidance wants to relay.

The final card was this one, thus the title of the reading:


From the Osho Zen Tarot

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Light Language for an Open Heart

Received this transmission from the Pleiades during the full moon.

You may notice the sound of water as you listen, though it is very slight. This is because the Light Language came to me while I was taking a bath. lol Another strange thing is that I brought all my quartz crystals into the bath with me, oh and one jade crystal. Then I laid them out on my body from my belly button to my heart placing the jade in the center of my chest over my heart chakra. That is when the Light Language started coming through. I got my daughter to grab my phone and made the recording even though I was in the bath (lol) because I knew it was important.

I have never taken a bath with my crystals and I have no idea why I grabbed them and tossed them in. And the placement of them on my body was also a first. It was like I created a crystal grid on my body. I also added Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil and Gardenia oil to the water. I have been drawn to Melaleuca for a while now. It has strong purifying properties.

Anyway, I know, weird, but then I am weird so there you go. 🙂

Oh and for you grammar nazi’s out there,  I know I misspelled “received” in the intro slide of the video but I am too tired to bother and correct it.

Enjoy the intense energy of June’s full moon! Today I have a lovely headache and am quite unmotivated and tired. Guess all the super charged energy is finally taking its toll on me.

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Painting in Acrylic: Judgment

Here is the other painting I completed today. This one was last minute and the symbols revealed themselves at it’s completion. This painting marks the last painting in my goal of 24 to make my oracle deck 48 cards. I am finished. 🙂 Or I could just be getting started and there could be 24 more cards. I haven’t decided yet.


When painting this I had major third-eye buzzing throughout. I also began to feel a bit ungrounded and even a little dizzy at one point.  There was a sense of needing to reach a resolution or come to a decision in my life. I did not ponder on this, though. Like with the last painting, I was thoroughly enmeshed in the process of painting. Little if anything was on my mind.

At one point I heard, “Duality”. I heard it when I was noticing that the left side is much lighter than the right. It is like light and dark exist within it. As well as all of duality from night and day to good and evil or innocent and guilty.

I have always been one who can see both sides of the coin. It has made my friends and family angry with me more than once because when they come to me to complain or get my opinion about some issue in their lives I always see both perspectives quite clearly. It is hard for me to take sides and I generally prefer not to. What one sees as bad, the other sees as good and that’s is the whole reason they disagree to begin with! Yet when it comes to my own problems I want to be right the same as anyone. Placing blame and passing judgement on others and myself is common place.

One might think this painting would be sending the message of “Balance” and I did consider that as a name. But it quickly vanished. It was not meant to convey balance because balance in inherent in everything. In fact, imbalance is the illusion. It is us who create imbalance. It is us who pass judgement both on ourselves and others. That is the point of the painting, to get the viewer to consider their own opinions and judgments and how they impact their experience.



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Painting in Acrylic: Growth

Completed two paintings today. This is the first. I received the symbol in a vision yesterday morning. I didn’t know the name until the painting was finished.


While painting I felt calm and focused. There really wasn’t much on my mind. I was too focused to really think but my third-eye began to buzz when I added the symbol.

The message of this painting is simple – we are here in this physical universe, in these physical bodies, to experience and grow. We choose to Forget so that we can learn about ourselves and experience first-hand the cycles of life and death and all they entail. There is always growth in this process, whether we recognize it or not. We are never in decline. We are never lacking. There is, of course, the growth from infant, to child, to adolescent, to adult, to middle age and into old age. But there is also growth in wisdom, in self, in love, and in anything we so choose to invest ourselves. Growth is not always easy and it’s sometimes painful. But it also beautiful. It is important to learn to recognize one’s own growth, to stop and take a moment to congratulate ourselves on a job well done. For we have grown and matured into the person we now are and it is only through experience that we got here.

For me, personally, this is a symbol of congratulations from my Team. When I first saw it, I saw only what looked like the letter “U” with a line through it. I thought it was about self-worth and so was prepared to paint it that way. Apparently there was a missing piece (ha! I typed ‘mission’ instead of ‘missing’ by mistake). The center of the symbol was added. I see it as a flower in bloom and it feels appropriate here. Some say that middle age is the time when one finally comes into their own; when they finally begin to live life the way they want to live it rather than the way others expect them to. If the growth cycle of a flower were the analogy here, then middle age would be when the flower finally blooms, finally sharing it’s beauty with the world.

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Practice Sessions Continue with Unsettling Results

I continue to experience some very strange nighttime practice sessions, some of which cause me to wake up feeling very discombobulated. These sessions frequently occur early in the evening for the first few hours after I fall asleep. So far I have not been able to remember what transpires during these sessions other than the strange energy and complete exchange of control to the walk-in. My memory of the exchange is what remains and the feeling that lingers upon waking is so disturbing that I often have to be calmed by my guides.

Last night when I woke around 11:30pm the lingering feeling was so unsettling that I could not find a comfortable position. I felt overheated and my mind was all over the place with thoughts that made no sense. When I tried to remember what had transpired I was left with a total blank other than a Knowing that I had participated in practicing the exchange again and that it was the body’s reaction that was causing the upset in me.

From what I can understand the body has to accept the exchange and these practice sessions give both the walk-in and the body a chance to familiarize themselves with one another. Unlike the walk-along, these brief test periods are displacing me – the walk-out – for a short time while I sleep. Where I go, I don’t know because I can’t remember, but when I return I often wake up very soon after and then experience the residuals of the exchange.

I am not feeling upset whatsoever now, but the feelings I have immediately after these test runs is not a pleasant one. It causes me to feel very powerless and, as you can imagine, that in itself is upsetting. I almost feel ill when I wake as well but it is not a physical feeling really, but more of an energetic one. It’s like my energy body has been stretched or distorted, expanded beyond its normal size.


Energy Fluctuations and Extremes

Also, for the last few days, I’ve been having some intensely powerful energetic fluctuations in my energy centers. Specifically my heart, third-eye and crown chakras. My heart chakra is extremely expanded. So much so that it is unsettling. It feels like I am sending and receiving via my heart. What exactly is being sent/received, I don’t know, but the sensation is a new one.

Interestingly, I am highly energized in general. My mood is elevated and I talk a million miles a minute (or so it seems). What I’m like is exactly how I was when I was in Mt. Shasta last May. It feels like I am throwing sparks of energy in all directions. As a result I’ve been avoiding public places because when I’m this way I become like a beacon of light and am liable to get unwanted attention.

Yet yesterday I went to visit a crystal and gem shop with my daughter. On the 20 minute drive there my heart was blasting and my crown was wide open. This caused me to feel strangely hypnotized by the road, as if it was drawing me into it and I was one with my car and everything. This powerful sensation was scary, though, because I did not want to go OOB and lose control. Somehow I ignored the feeling and was able to avoid a full-on panic attack. There is vague memory of being reassured by my guidance and an awareness of the high energy state as the cause of everything I experienced.

When I went into the shop my heart felt like it was being pummeled with energy to the point that I often had to stop and take deep breaths. I avoided looking at people and interacted only when I had to.

Later in the evening I went out to eat with my husband. I was still experiencing high energy – smiling big and talking fast. It was during this time that I noticed people full-on staring at me. This was men and woman alike. One older woman stared at me, pausing as she walked by our table. I looked up and picked up her thoughts. She felt she knew me somehow but didn’t know from where. As we were leaving I was looking around while talking and laughing. Some guy at a table was staring at me and when our eyes met they locked and it was almost like time paused. I remember not feeling nervous about it and knowing that my Light was attracting people.


Finally, I am noticing an extreme sensitivity to crystals and gemstones. I have been making pendulums with my daughter and testing them out on myself to make sure they work. Usually I barely notice the energy when I test them. Yet lately they create a massive amount of energy that seems to rise up in a dome shape from my palm. The same thing happens if I use them on my body. I have not experienced a response like this to crystals in over a year.



Another feeling is accompanying all these energetic extremes. That unmistakable magnetic pull. It is just there – a Call from Home. It use to be very unsettling for me, containing much upset and resistance, but now it doesn’t. Instead it feels more like I am recognizing mySelf. It’s like, “Oh, there you are.” Considering this soul exchange is very much tied to Union or Wholeness, I suspect that is why the feeling was so prominent this morning. I am just grateful that it resulted in a happy feeling and there was no resistance on my part. I completely accepted the feeling without condition or analysis of what it might mean. There was no jumping to conclusions or asking for an explanation because no explanation is needed.



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Painting in Acrylic

I am posting this painting without a name. I have no idea what it’s message is yet. It is sitting here by my computer and has been ever since its completion about a five days ago.

This is longest a painting has gone without telling me its name. I am beginning to think it has no name. Maybe it should be called “Nothing” or “No Name”. lol But then it most definitely is something, but what? Possibility? Potential? The unknown?

Not Sure.png

On my computer I gave it a file name of “Not sure”. LOL Perhaps the name should be “Uncertainty”?

When I was painting this symbol it came to me spontaneously. It wasn’t provided in a dream or vision, it just came to me. The colors, however, did come to me in a dream. In the dream, a friend of mine gave me a message on a piece of brightly colored paper. On top of the colors were symbols I couldn’t remember upon waking. So the colors in the painting came from that dream. The next morning the friend posted on FB about numbers, patterns and number sequences and our connection to them. So perhaps the painting’s name should be “Patterns” or “Synchronicity”?

As you can see, I am still undecided. I suppose it will eventually give me it’s name. Until then, I will continue to call it “Not sure”.

Would love to hear your names suggestions or if any of the above names seem to resonate with the symbol for you. Thanks!

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LL Transmission: Allowing and Letting Go

Transmission in the Language of Light to assist with allowing and letting go.

Source: the Pleiades.

One of the most challenging aspects of life is learning to let go, to move on, to stop fighting, to just allow and Be without judgement or expectation. This LL incites calm in the listener while evoking within them a willingness to be more receptive and allowing of their life circumstances, whatever they may be.



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Painting in Acrylic: Life Trajectory

I’ve had this painting and another one finished for a few days. I’ve not been motivated to post them and their names have been elusive. I’ve been full of Light Language, though, and recording myself speaking/singing in LL a lot lately.

The more I request these painting’s names, the more it seems like I’m not suppose to finish the Oracle Deck yet. I only have two more paintings to go to reach my goal. Yet I feel I need to wait. Bide my time. Why? Who knows but I have been drawn away from my canvases and paints to Movie Maker and audio files of Light Language. And what is funny is the minute I consider painting I get an idea to do something else and am distracted away from painting. Ha!

I wanted to share this painting with you, though, because I received the symbol in a vision upon waking and heard, “Life”.

Life PlanWM.png

The symbol was not in color so I just added colors that felt right. And in considering the painting and it’s message I realized it was more than simply “Life” but it was about the path one takes in their life. The up’s and down’s, delays and heartaches, love and despair – all of it. When I saw the symbol it had three lines on the “path” and so I included three lines. But what do they represent? I am hearing they are the path as experienced via the physical body, the path as experienced via the spiritual body and the path as experienced via the collective body (Source).

The painting was originally painted horizontally but I shifted it vertical for ease of use in my oracle deck. When viewed horizontally, the three lines enter from the lower left-hand corner, rise up into the circle and the fall back down toward the lower right. In this view you can see how the three lines merge into one as the line falls down. It reminds me of something I often saw in church when I was growing up. It was a poster called, “Footprints”. You can read the story in the image below:


Similar to the story, we feel the most alone and abandoned during the challenging and difficult periods in our life. However, it is during those times when we are the most protected and loved. When we reach the other side of those troublesome and tiresome times, we may often wonder how we managed to survive when it was obvious that we were destined to fail. The reason we survived those rough times was because the other two aspects of us, aspects that travel with us always, merged with the us, human aspect, and becoming as One. Ultimately buffering us from the worst of the storm and carrying us through.

It always amazes me how these symbols and paintings ultimately reveal a message to me from my guidance. I have just been through a very difficult time during which I heard over and over, “Protection”, and never quite understood why. Now I understand that I was being told I was protected, that I was being carried through a rough time in my life and would survive.

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Where I’m at Now

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated on the walk-in/soul exchange. I apologize for my silence in this area.

There has been confirmation that the walk-out I experienced was more the integration of a fractured soul aspect. The term “walk-out” was used by me mistakenly because I was unsure of what I was shown. The integration of this soul aspect has been agonizingly difficult and almost all-consuming of my time. If you follow my other blog then you know what I’ve been going through.

Where I’m At Now

The fractured aspect is nearly completely integrated. I am told we are “tying up loose ends” right now. I am not asking for further explanation.

I was approached in dreamtime recently by the walk-in. He/She discussed the soul exchange process with me in more detail. It was made very clear that the exchange has yet to occur. It was explained that the Kundalini would be the conduit for the exchange. While receiving this information the Kundalini was active but muted. However, it was intense enough that I felt it despite it being muted.

I felt the Kundalini energy in my entire mid-section when I awoke. It was swirling and quite heavy compared to what I am use to. This energy has been present on and off for a few weeks, slowly increasing in intensity and becoming less and less muted. I have also had third-eye activity almost non-stop going on four days now. There comes with the energy a sense I cannot describe. It is akin to intuiting major change or alteration in my path, but I cannot say if this is accurate or not.

Considerable progress has been made in preparing for the final exchange. Barriers that were once present are now nonexistent. Acceptance on my part is the norm and most fears related to the process have been addressed.


What it Will Be Like

I assume I have been asking many questions about what to expect of the exchange when it occurs. What will it feel like? Will I know it has happened? What is the process exactly? These are just a few questions that I have had and asked over time.

In one of my dreams early this morning I was interacting with a familiar energy that presented itself in masculine form in my dream. He showed me a large fence had been removed. Fences are barriers to progress. The removal of this one was significant and allows the walk-in full access to this body.

Then the walk-in explained the process of the exchange in more detail. It was compared to a very precise medical surgery. The first part is the evacuation of the human host body by the walk-out (me). With this I saw that the body would be vacant for a time, though not long in human time because when the exchange occurs it will be in a place where time does not exist. I was shown the body will have awareness of this part of the process and how very important it will be to make sure it remains calm and trusting. The walk-in then explained how he will then enter the body via the crown and descend into the heart, expanding to the lower chakras from there. I could feel the energy of the Kundalini when he told me this and understood the Kundalini acted as the conduit for his entrance.

He was very animated and excited when he told me what the end result will be. I can’t remember his exact wording now but his personality shown through as very confident, capable and focused. He stood in front of me (completely naked) and said, “I will at once be here and then there (pointing to me).” He indicated that I would not notice a difference, that all will be as it was (seemingly) but that the individual that is now me will be no more. The feeling here was more profound than his words. I was a bit apprehensive at what I heard but he reassured me that there was nothing to fear.

Though we had this dream discussion in what appeared to be a bedroom, I could sense that it was far from that in “reality”. There was a distinct E.T. element to be felt and my memory here indicates we were aboard a vessel surrounded by very medical-like technology and being assisted by several others who I could not see. In a previous portion of the dream, when I was first approached by the walk-in, I recall saying to him, “You are not human”.

The walk-in assured me that he would continue my “work” without incident but that he would free me (us) of the distractions I have gotten entangled in this lifetime. I received this reassurance with relief. There was a brief discussion about how in the past I had reconsidered the exchange and delayed it. I mentioned that I could not be sure I wouldn’t do that again. He seemed unconcerned and asked me, “Do you want to stay?” My response was almost immediate. I said, “I am ready for a break.” I then asked where I would go while he took over. There was a sense here that I would experience a full reunion and much needed “vacation”. I said, “Can I come back?” I was told that I could but the feeling here was that I could never resume full control but only “visit” and “observe”.

I asked him if he was a soul aspect. He said, “I am family.” The feeling was that “aspect” is not the appropriate word. He is me but he is complete without me.

In this entire exchange it was obvious to me that he is not my Companion Traveler. I noticed this in dreamtime but not enough to cause upset. It was a passing thought only. When I awoke, however, I immediately asked, “Where is my Companion?” I could not feel him nor did he seem even close by. It was like he had vanished. Instead I had this familiar yet distinctly different energy near me – the walk-in. The quality of his energy is hard to describe but familiar in that it is the same energy that accompanied me for an entire week in May, 2015 during a walk-along.

I did not received an answer about where my Companion is but my concern vanished as if an answer was received. The feeling is that we will be reunited as a result of the exchange.


Practice Makes Perfect

Throughout the night last night we were practicing the exchange as well as discussing it in depth. I woke frequently, each time hearing the voice of the walk-in in my mind, his energy very close. I was alarmed initially especially since the practice sessions were so acutely different than anything I have experienced.

The part of the practice that alarmed me was energetically powerful to the point that the Kundalini felt much like lightening bolts of energy. All of this energy accompanied a complete take-over of my will by the walk-in. It was not by force but by agreement and in an attempt to help me understand the final result of the exchange. The message I got not long ago applies – Let thine will be mine. The sensation of this exchange of will was experienced very tangibly. One minute I was in control and the next I was not but another “person” was. This other person took over completely.

When I woke the practice felt very much like I had been invaded and taken over by another Soul. This is what startled me initially but there was instant understanding that it was a good thing and not to be feared despite going against the Ego’s illusion of having full control.

As you can imagine my biggest concern is that I will cease to exist altogether and this person I have become, who I am in this life, will be gone forever. It has been made clear that this is not exactly correct. I have yet to come to any kind of real understanding of how I will be after the exchange. It seems to be a combination of the me I am now and someone entirely different. Like a meshing of the two. I am reminded of the time of the walk-along and how it felt and was experienced. The difference, I am told, is that the walk-in will be in control this time and not me.

As a confirmation of this, I fell into a mini-dream where I was in a car searching for my keys while sitting in the driver’s seat. I turned to my right where the walk-in was sitting and smiling at me. I knew then that he had the keys, not me. I accepted this and stopped looking for the keys.

I must say that in considering all of the above I have found peace of mind despite all the unknowns. It is a relief of sorts to know that I will not have to deal with all the responsibilities and difficult decisions that come with driving (directing) this host body (vehicle). Similar to when on a long road trip, I feel weary and in need of rest, as if I have been driving for 24 hours straight without any sleep. Without someone else to take the wheel I would likely crash and burn.



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LL from the Pleiades – Preparation for Entry into the Unknown

I’ve been playing with Movie Maker. Hope you enjoy my creation. 🙂

A transmission in the Language of Light from the Pleiades constellation. The purpose of this transmission is to prepare for entry into the unknown. The unknown can be anything one has never experienced in this lifetime – a new job/career, marriage, divorce, relocation, a trip or vacation, etc. For many venturing into the unknown is scary. It takes courage and willpower, especially if you are doing it alone. This transmission sends love, encouragement and support to help you as you embark on this journey into the unknown.

There are no symbols to go with this transmission. I got inspiration for a painting instead. I will be posting it as soon as it tells me it’s name.

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