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Surprise! I Love You!

I have to share this because it is so out of character for me. Today my husband came home at lunch. He did not tell me he was going to do this, so it was a total surprise. What was … Continue reading

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An Observation

There is one particular change to my personality that I have been observing which is acutely different from the me of the past. I have been hesitant to post it because I did not wish to offend anyone and then … Continue reading

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I Remembered something this morning upon waking. Why this is happening now, I do not question. It is as it is suppose to be. However, the information brings with it more questions. This is typical of the human condition for … Continue reading

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Signposts = Agreements

The personality shift is becoming more and more noticeable. There is along with it a knowing that I am not myself; I am newly born. An upcoming choice is being presented. It is a choice already made. These types of … Continue reading

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Continued Alignment of Residual Energies

Update For the past week there has been a focus on the alignment of residual energies in the lower three chakras. The last energetic adjustment pulled most of these energies into alignment with the walk-in, but there remains the need for … Continue reading

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Reaching Nominality

My entourage of guides wishes to purvey a message: We apologize for the delay in our normal communications with you, but much has been in progress, though you (the walk-in/walk-out) would not be much aware of the subtle changes taking … Continue reading

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Memories Surfacing

Memories are surfacing slowly, mostly in flashes and in dreams. My guidance has been ever present, though mostly silent during the day. Nights bring communication and energy sensations in my crown, third-eye and heart. Rainforest Pyramid The first clue that … Continue reading

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No Distractions

Sharing an experience with you all because of the distinctly different personality that I contacted in the experience. My new guides, as you know, are of the E.T. sort and have been approaching me nightly for the last few nights. … Continue reading

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I am learning slowly just how important it is to remain in good communication with the walk-out. It is a partnership right now and if I ignore her feelings and considerations she gets upset and then I am overwhelmed with … Continue reading

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The last week has been eye opening for many reasons. As you know, I have been sick. It appears that something about the state of being ill in itself was transforming for me. The misery I felt seemed to pull … Continue reading

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