I have been urged for some time to start a new blog, one that chronicles my walk-out/walk-in experience. It was made known to me yesterday – February 20, 2016 – that the soul exchange process had commenced. There came with this a knowing of what triggered the exchange, why this event was chosen as the “trigger” and a synopsis of the projected timeline.

I wrote about the events leading up to this revelation in my other blog, Living Life In-Between. You can peruse the entries in this blog from August, 2004 to present. I am not sure how long that blog will be utilized. It all depends on the smoothness of the exchange, I suppose.

The content of this blog will likely be of two points-of-view – that of the walk-in and walk-out. As We both are present in the body (braided) at this time, the shifting from one to the other is not always noticeable but should become more apparent over time. I will not specify which of Us is writing as this is too confusing at this time for me to try and sort through as both are me. So bear with me. I have not done this before so I don’t know what to expect.

Trigger Event

The trigger event occurred on February 18th at approximately 3:30am CST. It was an intense experience, one that firmly connected the walk-in to the lower three chakras. The preparation for this event was made known to the walk-out, but the trigger was not made known to her for obvious reasons.

The reason this event could be considered a trigger event is because the connection which the walk-out experienced was beyond anything she had yet to experience. It made her aware of the depths of the Love that she is and united her with one of her counterparts. Some would call this a Twin Flame union, but to avoid confusion and labels, We will just refer to it as the Union. The intensity at which this Union was experienced left her desperately wanting to remain with her counterpart. The intensity of this desire to be whole is the basis of the trigger. Without this intense pull to be with her counterpart, she would never completely walk-out but stay always within the vicinity of the physical vehicle.

Projected Timeline

This exchange was agreed to prior to this lifetime. The initial agreement to merge, and thus initiate the braid-in, began and then was halted by the walk-out because she chose to experience more from her current incarnation than previously planned. It was agreed that that exchange process would commence after the birth of her last child. So, in 2014 the walk-out’s preparation continued.

The braid-in was completed in the summer of 2015. In May that same year there was a trying on period in which the walk-in walked along to observe and get accustomed to the physical host it would be occupying. The braid-in period offered both the opportunity to adjust to the combined energies with the physical host and to sequester insoluble energies and relinquish them.

In December, 2015, the trigger event was initiated via the physical. In February it was initiated via the spiritual. Before and during this process there was a magnification of the personal life trajectory of the walk-out; an inspection, analysis and dissolution of all remaining affinity. This allowed for detachment from personal relationships which had previously anchored her to the lifetime and physical host. This detachment freed up the lower three chakras for anchoring.

February, 2016: Consummation occurs. The lower three chakras are harvested and utilized for entry and establishment of the walk-in. Continued preparation of these centers will be necessary in order to maintain the ideal environment for the establishment of a permanent Earth-body connection. It is, in effect, the “birth” of the new personality and a burying of the old. Expected delays could result from the resistance of the walk-out, the mental constituents being utilized and terminated, and residuals attachments of the walk-out to varying relationships and belief systems that no longer serve her.

2016-2017: Lunar eclipses and rectifying chart specifications. Accelerations of permanence will commence at each lunar event in the coming 2016 year and continuing into 2017 until astrological chart life trajectory specifications are synthesized and rectified.

Completion: Expected date of completion, June 2017. This is a tentative date as requisite breaks may be lengthened under extenuating circumstances as unforeseen setbacks may occur.

In Divine Love,



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  2. Mayra, NYC says:

    Thank you Dayna for following your heart…there are many going thru this that don’t have a name for it and things are starting to make sense and puzzle pieces are starting to fit in…blessed be😊

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    • Dayna says:

      You’re very welcome Mayra. I hope that by reading about my experiences, others will be able to better put their puzzle pieces together. It is not often that one is conscious of the soul exchange process. Blessings to you on your journey. xx


  3. I thank you for writing about your experiences, as when my walk in happened in Nov 2006, there was so little information ‘out there’. The latest we hear is that millions of walk-in souls are here on this planet. I would love to share more.

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    • Dayna says:

      You’re welcome. You should share you story. Do you have a blog?

      I am told that there will be many more walk-ins coming. That is why I am sharing my experiences.


  4. litebeing says:

    Hey Dayna,
    I am certain this new blog will be a treat for readers who enjoy exploring the new and dynamic. I am just getting into your old blog, hope you keep it around a while longer, lol!

    I also want to recommend that you connect with some blogger friends of mine who may be of assistance. I know them both well and it seems they share many of the experiences and capacities as you.

    https://amusingspirit.wordpress.com/ Her new blog is private, but Lehua can be contacted via email Just tell her Linda sent you. She has walked your path and she is pure love.

    https://sayyestoeverything.wordpress.com/ Check out some of Sarah’s Vlogs and you will get the picture. We are real time friends and she walks her talk. I met her online here at WP. I think you will love her too. Your intuition will tell you if either or both of these women can assist in some way.

    I will email you to say more. I am so inspired by your burst of activity. I know nothing myself about walk-ins and do not know which aspect of you I am connecting with, but I do not care. You are my sister in spirit. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      (((hugs)))) Don’t worry about which aspect you are connecting with. I am ALL of them ALL the time. So you are talking to ME no matter what.

      Your comment brought a burst of activity from my heart center. So beautiful! I am really getting to love this heart connection thing. Whew!

      I will check out both these wonderful ladies. I look forward to learning more about them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • litebeing says:

        We Aquarius risings types ( are you still one?? ) don’t lead from the heart but our projected self Leo is all heart. I can promise you that heart consciousness is more glorious that intellectual gymnastics. The more I let love in, wow!!! ❤ ❤ So glad Karin introduced me to you. Karin is such a treasure. I have the best friends and many are my precious blogettes. Looking forward to talking more.

        peace, Linda

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    • Dayna says:

      I will likely have a new chart. I will let you know what I learn about it – the when, time, etc. I am thinking it was Feb 18, 3:30am but then it could be that it will be when the exchange is actually complete. So that would mean it won’t be until 2017.

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  5. Karin says:

    It is so exciting to read about your journey. Thank you for sharing so much.

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  6. This is so fascinating to me! Are there people who don’t realize that they’ve had a walk-in? Or will it always be very obvious?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dayna says:

      Yes. From my experience it is not a cut and dry, sequential event. Those who I have met who have had a walk-in usually do not realize it until a year or more later. Some, like me, have a very drawn out soul exchange experience. It varies for everyone.


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