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The Body as a Temple

I mentioned in my last post that I planned on writing more about my insights about the treatment of the physical body and maintaining balance. Below are excerpts from my personal journal. June 4th  As I settled down to sleep … Continue reading

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Lessons in a Conversation

Early this morning I had an in-depth conversation with mySelf, well the masculine aspect anyway. At first it appeared that I was talking with my “husband” and that is the perspective I took throughout the conversation up until the moment I … Continue reading

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Stand in Your Power

What happens when you no longer accept what others have to say about you as truth? Freedom. Example: The other day my husband was nagging me about the normal stuff. Sometime he starts in on me first thing in the … Continue reading

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Timeline Shift Avoidance

There has been a development regarding the “Shift” my guidance warned me about. At first, I just assumed it was a shift in energy or something akin to that. While this is not altogether incorrect, it appears there is more … Continue reading

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The Letdown

There is a cycle that I find myself in often since my awakening in 2003. It is a lesson that I had not considered was part of this lifetime but now I am seeing it. The lesson is learning to … Continue reading

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Transition Continues

It has been a spit-fire kinda week and the energy continues to jump around. Yesterday it was playful, saying, “Love without boundaries. Play with the sun, dance in the rain, soak up life.” Today it’s like, “Don’t play too much … Continue reading

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Having a Human Experience

In this strange in-between place I find myself in this last week or so, I find that I am receiving guidance in the form of statements and sometimes lengthy lessons. Most of this guidance is directed at acclimating me into … Continue reading

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Beliefs, Gender and Sexuality

After this morning’s demonstration, there was a post-demonstration discussion. What struck me as the most significant about the experience was the telepathic connection I had with the facilitator and how extremely relieved I was to find that he had complete … Continue reading

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The Magik of La Luna

Based upon the events of last night, it appears that my particular situation is being used for teaching purposes. My teacher and classmates got a great laugh out of it as well. All of my experience came as a dream … Continue reading

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Self-Love and the Human Form

When I awoke this morning there was suddenly a memory of what had transpired in my sleep. It did not match my dreams. I am becoming use to this phenomenon, though. What I need to know will be revealed when … Continue reading

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