Painting in Acrylic: Life Trajectory

I’ve had this painting and another one finished for a few days. I’ve not been motivated to post them and their names have been elusive. I’ve been full of Light Language, though, and recording myself speaking/singing in LL a lot lately.

The more I request these painting’s names, the more it seems like I’m not suppose to finish the Oracle Deck yet. I only have two more paintings to go to reach my goal. Yet I feel I need to wait. Bide my time. Why? Who knows but I have been drawn away from my canvases and paints to Movie Maker and audio files of Light Language. And what is funny is the minute I consider painting I get an idea to do something else and am distracted away from painting. Ha!

I wanted to share this painting with you, though, because I received the symbol in a vision upon waking and heard, “Life”.

Life PlanWM.png

The symbol was not in color so I just added colors that felt right. And in considering the painting and it’s message I realized it was more than simply “Life” but it was about the path one takes in their life. The up’s and down’s, delays and heartaches, love and despair – all of it. When I saw the symbol it had three lines on the “path” and so I included three lines. But what do they represent? I am hearing they are the path as experienced via the physical body, the path as experienced via the spiritual body and the path as experienced via the collective body (Source).

The painting was originally painted horizontally but I shifted it vertical for ease of use in my oracle deck. When viewed horizontally, the three lines enter from the lower left-hand corner, rise up into the circle and the fall back down toward the lower right. In this view you can see how the three lines merge into one as the line falls down. It reminds me of something I often saw in church when I was growing up. It was a poster called, “Footprints”. You can read the story in the image below:


Similar to the story, we feel the most alone and abandoned during the challenging and difficult periods in our life. However, it is during those times when we are the most protected and loved. When we reach the other side of those troublesome and tiresome times, we may often wonder how we managed to survive when it was obvious that we were destined to fail. The reason we survived those rough times was because the other two aspects of us, aspects that travel with us always, merged with the us, human aspect, and becoming as One. Ultimately buffering us from the worst of the storm and carrying us through.

It always amazes me how these symbols and paintings ultimately reveal a message to me from my guidance. I have just been through a very difficult time during which I heard over and over, “Protection”, and never quite understood why. Now I understand that I was being told I was protected, that I was being carried through a rough time in my life and would survive.

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