Light Language Transmission – Unity of Consciousness

I have been busy today doing mundane activities most of the day. I’ve been in cleaning and cooking mode all day. The exhaustion I had vanished almost as suddenly as it appeared and then all I could think of was that I needed to tidy up (cleanup) my house (life). It was like the message was in my motion. Love it!

After a nice chat with a friend the urge came once again to sit down and turn inward. When I did, I sent a question to my guidance, “What’s going on? What do I need to know?” The answer came in the form of a continual flow of light language. This time, however, I had symbols coming into my mind as well!

As fast as I could, I got out a marker and paper and began to record the messages I was receiving. Here are the symbols that came with the message along with words that popped into my mind. The symbols go with the message – top to bottom, left to right. The transmission came from Sirius this time, or at least in that direction. When I asked who it was from I got Suriel. I don’t know much about angels but I know that this is an angelic name. There was a presence with this message that was familiar and reminded me of when I visited Ashtar Command. I really badly want to say that this message originates from “the other side of the sun” and the name “Solara” is also very prominent.

The overall intent of this message is to address the processes leading to Unity of Consciousness. The first symbol represents the motion, or orbit of Earth over many, many millions of years. It’s orbit is different from when it began, it’s path is different. The next symbol is about the descending of Light Beings into Earth Consciousness. These are the Soldiers of Light coming to Earth. I like how it looks like a spear point! The next symbol involves the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles. The one to the right of it represents the backward and then forward motion of the evolutionary cycles of Earth. The symbol on the bottom left depicts the changes of Earth and the forces contributing to these changes. The one after that is the descent of Unity Consciousness to Earth. The symbol that looks like an angel was when Suriel revealed herself/himself to me and right after sent me three waves of love wishing me and everyone who hears the message a safe and prosperous journey to Unity Consciousness.


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