Recalibration and Download

I got hit with an extreme exhaustion last night. This morning upon waking I noted it was still present. I fell back to sleep for another 1.5 hours! Even after that I awoke feeling exhausted. The last time I felt this tired was after my c-section in 2014. Not only was I recovering from surgery but I had mild anemia.

The exhaustion comes from a major download and recalibration that began mid-afternoon and continued into the night. In fact, I feel it may still be on-going because my head is still buzzing, though not as intensely as last night.

This morning, after drifting back into a wonderful sleep, I lingered in the in-between for some time. In that time I became aware of some intense energy work being done on me. The energy helmet was apparent as was energy running down the back of my neck and into my shoulders. Just talking about it now is causing that same energy to become evident as I sit here and it makes me instantly want to close my eyes and go to sleep.

While drifting on the edge of sleep I found myself in a conversation with my teacher. He was standing in front of me. I don’t remember now what he looked like, but I want to say he is blonde and very tall, probably around 7ft. I have seen him while OOB before, so I know he usually wears a white robe with a gold sash.

We were discussing my physical (Divine) counterpart. There is no communication between us at this time. When there is no communication, life is much calmer (less manic) but there remains always this gaping hole in my heart and the magnetic pull toward him intensifies. My teacher has informed me that our separateness is necessary for the life “cleanup” we must do. In this particular instance I was telling him that I would rather leave than wait the 8 (7 now) months it will take to clean up our individual messes. My main memory here was of my teacher holding out his hand to me. I sat up and left my physical body, taking hold of his hand. There was a major release, like a relief, felt and it seemed that I would definitely go with him to rest and recuperate. Unfortunately, a part of me “woke up” at this and the fear of losing this body brought me back into it. In considering this memory now, I believe that a part of me stayed with my teacher, as I am familiar with the separation of mySelf into facets while sleeping.


I entered into dreams at this point, or at least the me that returned to the body did. There was a push to get me to participate in the dreaming. I remember resisting this, getting upset as four children kept pestering me. In the dream I was seeing children that I had to take care of, like as a caregiver. In reality I know that these were other worldly beings of the shorter kind (hybrids or similar) who were requesting I move my consciousness away from the scene of the adjustments they would be doing on my energy field.

The adjustments were noticeable in the dream scene that took form after I finally agreed to distance myself from my body by participating in a dream sequence. The entire time I was dreaming I felt an uncomfortable sensation between my 2nd and 3rd chakras. It felt like someone had tied a string around my mid-section and pulled so tightly that it was cutting into my skin. In the dream, I kept thinking my pants were too small and at one point I unbuttoned them and rolled them down to try and find relief. It never worked. The constriction in that area dominated the dream. I felt like I was being cut in half.

Upon waking I felt really out of it and searched for my teacher. He answered instantly and told me he would be in contact with me later today. Even now, after coffee and being awake for almost an hour, all I want to do is sleep.



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