New Development

There is a new development for me, one that I had not expected but that, considering the changes in me since my return from Mt. Shasta, I should not be surprised.

Last night before bed as the light language began to flow once again as it has nightly for the past five days, my throat chakra began to tingle slightly and there was a request from my council. They wanted me to vocalize a message from them. Without hesitation I allowed their message to flow through me like I allowed the light language to flow though me. Their message, however, was in English and though it was choppy and interrupted by frequent urges by me to either clear my throat or swallow, the message came through with clarity.

This type of channeling is infrequent for me. In the early days of my spiritual journey I use to allow messages to come this way but it was always in response to questions from friends while in a light trance state. In those days, I struggled to step back completely and so the messages were completely controlled by me. Basically, they were me repeating what I heard in my head.

This experience was completely different.

I was not in a trance state when this occurred. However, I was relaxed and became even more deeply relaxed the more I allowed the message to flow. My heart lit up and my head buzzed with energy. My breathing was weird and I noticed I clenched my fists and my body became rigid. The tone of my voice was flat and without emotion. I could not identify any specific personality characteristics other than what is the norm for my Council. If you have read the channeled messages in this blog then you know what I am talking about. lol

There were a few times that light language would replace the English words. This always came with a knowing that this interruption was needed to solidify their connection with my body. I was told that the light language was preparing me as a voice channel and that in the future I would be asked to relay messages this way for others.

The message given this time was specifically meant for me and more messages will come in this way over the next few weeks. I was asked to continue to record light language transmissions in the interim.


There is for sure a throat chakra connection to this new development. The chakra has adequately cleared enough to allow these transmissions and will continue to clear as long as I allow and participate in the process.

I am still processing the experience. Oddly, I am quite unemotional about it despite knowing this is a significant development for me. When my Council told me who they were during this channeling I did begin to cry but the tears were slow, the kind that just sorta come out without an emotional upheaval. The tears came when I recognized my Council and despite my being distanced from their message I could not help but react. This, they say, will diminish over time as they reinforce their connection.

My Council spoke as one through me, as is usual when I channel them in writing. Their message was quite revealing for me and they explained so much about what I am going through and why. They reminded me to focus on my Truth; to not get swept up in the illusion and to not become discouraged by the apparent slowness of my progress. They also warned me that I would be asked to do things (urged via knowingness) in the near future that will conflict with my wants and desires on an Ego level. They reassured me that ones’s wants/desires are always taken into consideration and will be granted whenever possible. It was very obvious that we (my Council and I) work together to create the best possible scenario for all involved. They told me that they have been working with me for countless lifetimes. This is when I began to cry.

The contract I have with my Divine Counterpart was also discussed but I will not go into detail about that part. Let’s just say there is one and it is not complete.

They also explained more of the walk-in process but I became too interested and the connection was interrupted. I will share what I receive when I receive it fully.

When the channeling finished the connection remained. I asked who they were; when I channel them, who am I to say the message is from? I was reminded of my channelings in the past and recognized then who I should say they are. They are the Council of Many or the High Council. They are the Council who oversee countless soul groups who are currently incarnated on planet Earth.

Upon waking this morning I was given an assignment: Research Alchemy.

Image taken from this article, which just happens to explain why my throat chakra is affecting me in this way. Chiron is in 1* Taurus in my chart. lol



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9 Responses to New Development

  1. litebeing says:

    I am loving all these developments. While most of them are foreign to me, your reactions to them are not. I can imagine many shifts and sudden twists and turns. When i read the part about guidance from many lifetimes, I also felt emotional. Then my phone rang! Another unfamiliar number ( Spirit) 😉

    I am very excited for you and you certainly build suspense.

    love, LInda

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  2. sophia kuzminski says:

    Beautiful connection

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  3. kittyasmith says:

    I understand the assignment. I have been taking the Spiritual Alchemy course here:
    I have some information to share with you, the email is started, but not close to finished yet. If you use Skype, that maybe a more efficient means of discussing a couple of things. My profile is alacher, you canal so look me up via my email address. I will not be available until Monday afternoon though.

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    • Dayna says:

      Oh yes, you have been given it, too. I could not finish the video today but plan on chipping away at it daily. I will look for you on Skype but email is always the best way to communicate with me. Looking forward to hearing what you have to tell me.


  4. herongrace says:

    Your voice progression and clearing of your throat chakra is wonderful Dayna! Council of 9?

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