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Painting in Acrylic: Contact

For a while now I have been planning on painting the image of an E.T. I met while in the dreamstate and in an OBE. A couple of weeks ago the image I drew of that E.T. came to mind … Continue reading

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Visiting the Pleiadian Conglomerate

Amidst varied dreams that seemed to incite fury within, I found myself traveling aboard a vessel. I could see the vastness of space through a domed window located in the ceiling. I stood there looking up at the stars passing … Continue reading

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From Self-Serve to Full Service

So much to post….again. Last night was a plethora of crazy dreams mixed in with messages, energy and E.T.s. Prior to bed the last few nights, I have been doing guided meditations from this website. Last night I chose a pranayama … Continue reading

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Recalibration and Download

I got hit with an extreme exhaustion last night. This morning upon waking I noted it was still present. I fell back to sleep for another 1.5 hours! Even after that I awoke feeling exhausted. The last time I felt … Continue reading

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No Distractions

Sharing an experience with you all because of the distinctly different personality that I contacted in the experience. My new guides, as you know, are of the E.T. sort and have been approaching me nightly for the last few nights. … Continue reading

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