I wish to discuss a feeling I’ve been aware of these past months since I walked in. The feeling existed prior to the walk-in, only it was less obvious and easy to ignore. Now, however, it cannot easily be ignored.

Prior to the walk-in I would have called it a feeling or gut/intuitive sense. It was so slight that I could not put my finger on what it indicated. I knew only that it left me feeling undecided; split.

Now I recognize the sensation is energetic and not emotional at all.

It is only present when I consider my options in life, asking myself questions like: What do I want to do? My mind often wanders to my time visiting Tennessee and I long to return to the mountains there. I think to myself, “It is so easy. It is just a decision. I can go there, live there if I want. Nothing is stopping me.” Yet the minute I consider going elsewhere, like TN or another state, I feel this tethered feeling. It is like I have chains attached to me that weigh me down to one place. These tethers extend from my spiritual body into the physical. I see them deeply embedded in Texas. I see them attached to the Beings I call my children, too. One would think I could just take my children with me and be free to go and do what I wish, but the tether to Texas is stronger. There is much more to the physical location than I am able to see.

Do I fight this feeling or go with it? I sense – Know – I need to go with it. The feeling is purposeful. I have a contract with the three Beings I brought into this world. I can see the energetic cords that bind me to them and them to me. They are beautiful and intricate, woven strands of colored, silvery energy that extend between us.

~Tethered Soul~ | Faithtwins' Weblog

The cord to Texas is not as beautiful. It is thick, like rope, and fibrous. The color is solid and yellow. It feels more like an anchor than a tether. Is this family history? Something genetic in origin? Have I been assigned to this location? I suspect it is something along these lines.

So, ultimately, it is the physical location that creates the most resistance. It is heavy and cumbersome. Yet the connection I have with my children feels linked to the location. I sense that if I were to relocate and take them with me that something – circumstances, life – would always take me back to Texas….pull me back.

There is so much I would like to do but this tethered feeling stops me in my tracks. It says, “No. Not yet.”

I am reminded that I am not finished adjusting and that I will Know when it is time.

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7 Responses to Tethered

  1. litebeing says:

    There could also be an astrological indicator. You can go to astrocartography on astro.com and check out how your chart fares in other locations. I myself would do better in the Pacific Northwest, but have not even visited there , yet.

    Texas may not be a great place for you development, or not.

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    • Dayna says:

      Could be. I had a map done years ago that shows my current location as one of my good ones for – yep family – but not spirituality. It indicated California as my best location for spiritual growth. However, it may not have been accurate. I can’t find anything on astrocartography on astro.com.

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    • Dayna says:

      I don’t really understand the map I had done but the IC and MC were highlighted and both are in California – San Franscico, Portland and Seattle are right on my IC which is Home, healing ability and self-healing. MC says career, livelihood, fame and fortune and it very close to the other cities, just a bit further east. That line goes through LA. The other locations are Dallas, TX and a bit west of Austin (where I am now), Atlanta, GA (hahaha), two locations in Florida, and Michigan comes up, too as does some other places in the Northeast (Tennessee is there but the very far east).

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      • litebeing says:

        It can be complicated. I ordered a report when I was planning some travel. Sun, Jupiter and Venus on the angles is positive, mars, saturn, neptune and pluto, not so much.

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      • Dayna says:

        Ah, yes I have done this chart before on astro.com! My Venus goes through Atlanta and is near Knoxville, TN….hmmm. Moon and Neptune come very close to Knoxville as well. In fact I have tons of lines in the Southeast and eastern US in general. Moon actually crosses Venus near Knoxville. I currently live between a Sun line and Saturn line. lol I was born near where the Sun line and Jupiter intersect. Not sure if that is good or not. Probably not. lol

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      • litebeing says:

        Where you were born sounds good, as does Atlanta and Knoxville. Saturn lines can suck as my trip to New Mexico revealed. I love this place but it was horrible for me. What is very cool is that we can also attract people, ideas, etc from the place on our map that reveal their symbology. I have never traveled to Brazil, but it is a fabulous place for me. James met me right after he returned from an extensive visit to Brazil. This topic is fascinating, but I will leave it here for now. 🙂

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