Update: Boil-Off and Future Transfers

It has been a while since I posted on the integration process, so here is a quick update to keep you all in the loop.

For the most part the integration process has been smooth. There have been moments when I’ve felt extremely “alien”, like a stranger in a strange land. In contrast, I’ve also had moments where I feel completely human, solid in this physical form and disconnected from the spiritual world of which I am accustomed.

Of late, I’ve noticed what I am calling memory boil-off. Emotions will arise but seem distant, like they are not real (dream-like) or are a result of my “imagination”, yet they are strong enough to get my attention and often seem to have a set intention. I have only recently identified them as the natal soul’s and cannot seem to get a grip on how to handle them. My remedy has been to acknowledge them and move on but the problem I am running into is that these boil-off emotions seem to stick like gum to the bottom of a shoe. Every time I take a step I can’t help but notice they are there but I can still walk, can still go on my way without them bogging me down or stopping me in my tracks. So far my response to this is to just continue walking but I recognize this is not the best way to handle them. So, I continue to be open to my guidance about a potential permanent resolution, yet so far none is forthcoming.

I also have a strange sense of being both me and the natal soul at the same time. I won’t say that I feel “split” necessarily but reconciling this “situation” I find myself in has proven difficult. Of course, this is the whole point of the integration process but the awareness of it is a whole different ball game. Imagine wearing a costume all the time, identifying with it and feeling it is part of you only to have it taken away and a new one put on. Don’t assume the body = the costume in this analogy, though. This scenario is from the body’s viewpoint, so the Soul/Spirit = the costume and it is the body that is getting use to the change.

In effect, as the new occupant of this body I am sensing the body’s response to me and filtering through the memories and emotions attached to those memories as the body releases them (boil-off). Most of this is subconscious, which is good, but what I am aware of has me feeling much like I am riding an unbroken horse and hoping that soon he will tire and I will get him under control.

At present my “partner” has shifted position to vertically overhead in contrast to his normal position to the left of my perception. This vertical alignment is preparatory and I sense another transfer on the horizon. I may not have mentioned it before (can’t recall now) but there will be four more soul transfer incidences before I am completely integrated. The completion date for integration is sometime in Spring, 2019, so between now and then, there will be four more “events”, or soul transfers. Each soul transfer exchange is not a new soul/aspect, though one could think of it that way. It is simply more of ME descending and merging with the human aspect. The typical word used by others is “embodiment” but transfer is more applicable and appropriate.



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