Light Language Transmissions

Hello beautiful BEings of Earth! Hasn’t the energy been WiLd!? We have made the permanent shift to 5D and as such are being hastened toward our individual Service to HUmanity. You might find yourself drawn unexpectedly toward activities unusual for your personality but this is because you are opening up to your true potentiality and therefore awakening to aspects long forgotten or unused. It is sublime so embrace it!

Yesterday I was enamored of the physical light and felt compelled to allow the Light to flow through my BEing. Below you will find two separate transmissions of Light. The first is in the form of song, for I felt well up within me a need to melodize the Light as it flowed into and out of me. The second consists first of an activation followed by two messages. Three separate BEings, all members of the Galactic Federation of Light, presented themselves as conveyors of these messages. I will include below the second transmission what came through as code and word.

The above song is a song of celebration, welcoming and embracing the Light.

The first transmission is an activation for the central U.S. as requested by a reader located in the midwest region. Prior to her question, I did not have conscious knowledge of the geographical regions of the Galactic Federation of Light groundcrew. I was presented with a map and shown the mountain ranges as dividers of the regions. East of the Appalachians are the east/southeast groundcrew. Central is between the Appalachians and Rocky Mountains ranges. And west/southwest are west of the Rockies. FYI: Just because you reside in one of these regions does not necessarily mean you are part of that region’s groundcrew. I live in Texas (Central) and am part of the east/southeast groundcrew.

Specific words that came through with the activation and message are:

6th Dimension
Presence within

The second transmission is from Sirius B, located at 1:57. The words that came through with this message were:


The final message is from a Hybrid Being/Earth relative (she identified herself as such) located on board a vessel within Earth’s atmosphere. Her message begins at 2:44. The words with her message were:


Below are two sets of symbols. The large one actually came to me in dreamtime this morning and I knew it was related to the combined transmissions in the second recording. I was drawing it in dreamtime and it came after a string of numbers that were codes for something. I believe the symbol is for the Galactic Federation of Light.

The second, vertical length of code is specifically for the first activation message from Arcturus and goes with the words I wrote above for that transmission.


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