Light Language Prayer and Transmission from Sirius B

It has been an energetically active day today! An activation is in progress. I received two Light Language transmissions. The first was a prayer for balance and the second a message of activation from the Pleiadian Conglomerate near Sirius B.

Sorry if I seem somewhat drunk on energy or if it is difficult to hear me. For some reason my energy drunkenness causes me to speak very calmly and quietly. I call it my meditation voice. 🙂

Below is an audio file of Light language received from the Pleiadian Conglomerate stationed outside of Sirius B and transmitting to the ground crew receiving in the eastern/southeastern United States.

Here is the full page of symbols for the Light Language transmission from Sirius B. There were several distinct personalities I felt come through and you can perceive them in the symbols below.


For those of you who prefer a translation, I do not have one for either of the above. The energy of the prayer was loving and warm. It felt as if someone was putting a blanket of Light over me. The energy of the transmission was informative, like I was receiving information and codes for a specific purpose. The only specifics I could recall were that I intercepted coordinates for the locations in the U.S. where ground crew was positioned. Unfortunately I only recall the 35N portion.


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7 Responses to Light Language Prayer and Transmission from Sirius B

  1. Thank you. This is very beautiful.

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  2. The balance prayer was wonderful. Do you understand the light language? Much lov and thanks barbara x

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  3. Lisa says:

    I have just started watching and listening to Light Language. Do you have any transmissions for the Midwest ground crew? I have noticed that the different stars have different dialects. Thank you!

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    • Dayna says:

      Hi Lisa. I have not yet received a transmission for that particular area of the U.S. However, I can ask.

      Thank you for the question because I had not even considered the other teams stationed across the U.S. and their particular assigned geographical areas. I am shown that “east” is east of the Appalachian mountains. Then there is Central which would include the Midwest and Texas (my location) and then west/northwest which is west of the Rocky’s. However, just because you currently reside in a particular region does not mean you are receiving for that groundcrew. For example, I live in Texas and I am with the east/southeast crew.


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