Culture Shock and Rememberings

There are some observations I would like to share with you all about some of my reactions to this planet. For example, isn’t it interesting how humans play with spoken language here on Earth? For example, I have a habit of using phrases like, “I’m shedding like a dog” or “Eat like a pig”. When I use these phrases now I laugh about how silly they are and correct them. For example I will correct, “I’m shedding like a dog” and say, “I’m shedding like me” or correct “Eat like a pig” with “I’m eating because I’m hungry.” I am both amused but also wanting to correct the phrases to make them more true.

Here’s another example: Yesterday, my husband sent me images of the Jefferson Memorial – some of just the memorial and others with selfies of him at the memorial. I got a strange feeling like, “WTF?” It was as if I were visiting a foreign country and not familiar with their traditions and culture (culture shock). I remember thinking, “Why do people think they need to construct buildings and monuments to remember? They could have used all that money and resources in a better way. Like feeding children.” And I also got a strange feeling about the selfie. I just couldn’t understand why my husband thought he needed to take photos of himself there much less visit the memorial.

I later realized, after a discussion with my guidance, that it is human to Forget and so they (humans) feel a need to do these things to Remember. They also struggle to heal so they create memorials to ease their suffering (the 911 memorial comes to mind here). I wondered to my guidance, “Don’t they know they can access universal consciousness and Remember anytime? Don’t they know there are easier ways to heal?”

There are more examples but you get the idea.

It is very obvious that I am not identifying myself as human these days, which I suppose has truth to it since I am not from here originally. Yet, because I am in this body I must adjust. The phrase, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” comes to mind. It makes me laugh because yet again I am using another saying!


I want to share all the messages I have been jotting down on a piece of paper by my bed. These messages and visions came to me before, during, and after the soul exchange.

“6 trillion electrical impulses per day.” – Occurred during soul exchange. I was receiving information on this functioning of this body.

Vision of triangles coming into and out of all of my chakras. Accompanied by intense energy as mentioned in my post The Event – Also during the exchange.

“You are not a casualty” – During the soul exchange. I believe this was a message to the natal soul/walk-out.

“The best organizer of the mind is the heart.” – Same night as the above.

“United Co-Care.” – Relating to helping others, working together on Earth; unification.

“A series of events has begun that cannot be stopped.” – After I reconnected with a member of my soul group.

“My bulvars (sp?) are wide open.” – Several nights ago. Not sure what this means but suspect the name is another word for energy center/chakra.

Song – “The time has come…’re gonna be my #1.” To tune of “The Tide is High” by Blondie. – two days prior to reconnecting with soul family.

“Are you ready to get back to work?” – the morning I reconnected with soul family.


I watched my SIL’s kids Tuesday.  They were watching Finding Dory but I was busy doing other things. However, one particular part of the movie suddenly became very loud to me, causing me to pause and pay attention.

In the early part of the film Dory remembers her family and becomes obsessed with finding them. I recognized the similarity to my situation and knew at some point I would feel like Dory and seek out my “family” here on Earth. With this I heard from my guidance, “Not yet. Soon.”

This was the part that suddenly got loud: “All I know is that I miss them. I really, really miss them. I didn’t know what that felt like. Do you know what that feels like?…… I don’t want to forget this. Somewhere out there is my family.”

I have felt what Dory describes very strongly in the past. Prior to that experience I hadn’t really missed anyone – not like that anyway.

The whole movie seemed like an analogy to coming to Earth, to MY coming to Earth, and Forgetting. I Forget so quickly, so easily, just like Dory in the film, yet somehow, despite all this density and amnesia I am able to Remember bits and pieces of who I AM. I have to use what little memory I have to lead me back to my family.

Just this morning:

“I’m about to lose everything.”

Vision of seeing myself engulfed in flames.

Song – “Get up, Stand up. Stand up for your rights.”

“It’s time to go back to work.”

Vision of mother and child jumping out the window of a burning house. The woman is not caught but her child is.

Entire dream of being in a “compound” in line to get food. It felt similar to being in the show The Walking Dead. I chose to eat veggies (spiritual nourishment), specifically carrots (clarity) but there were “clams” (stubbornness) offered to me and I turned them down in disgust. Outside we had prisoners chained up. I wanted to help and gave them blankets (security, warmth). An army (overpowering force working against me) was seen in the distance. An invasion (need to be stand up for myself) was coming. When I woke it felt as if TWD scenario of finding and establishing a Home only to have it destroyed was being used as symbolism.

The feeling with this morning’s message was that some major changes are on the horizon. It was hard not to feel nervous about them. I understood, however, that these changes as I view them are over a period of time and not all at once. I have to be aware of Time in all this and not panic. I have a tendency to see future events as occurring all at once. This I brought with me from the place of “No-Time” and it is strongly advised that I take it “all in stride” and remember that Time allows for distance and “digestion” of change. It is a “blessing” and one I often dismiss. Note: Words in quotes come from a discussion with my guidance, they are Us speaking versus just me speaking.

My tendency is also to assume a particular timeline over all other possibilities. For example, when I heard, “I’m about to lose everything” I immediately thought of my property/belongings and way of life would be obliterated because I also had the vision of myself engulfed in flames. It then occurred to me that it might just be that my computer is about to have issues and that I may lose all my files (which makes sense with Mercury retro).

The gift of foresight that I have brought into this life with me is not meant to be a predictor as such but more a reminder of the paths ahead of me and the trajectories that are likely to come with the choices I make. The key to the use of this gift is to remain objective and quantitative. I am reminded of Nostradamus for some reason here. The information I Remember is not given as a tool to alter future timelines, it is merely a piece of Memory brought back to assist me on my path, to trigger subconscious “links” or “encoding”, like a fuse being lit to set off a chain of events previously agreed upon (previously in Time-space but NOW in No-Time). To think of my precognition as a means of controlling life is a human tendency. I must be careful not to allow for that illusion to get the better of me. The best way of handling an influx of Remembering is to accept, allow and “breathe” through it much like one breathes through the mind chatter that visits during meditation.

A computer takes in and processes information, it does not attempt to alter it.

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  1. I can relate a little to bit to the first part of the post. I am not a walk-in but an ET Soul. This is my fifth incarnation on this planet as human and I still feel as if I have not acclimated. My Guides tell me that I have, however. Still, this place is very strange at times.

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