The Event

I have been going through a tremendous – TREMENDOUS – transformation. The simplest way to explain what occurred sometime in February is that a Higher aspect – some would say Higher Self – descended into this body and took the reigns. My previous Self ascended out of body to meet and merge with my Higher aspect.

This aspect was/IS no stranger to me. He has accompanied me throughout this and countless other incarnations on Earth as well as other physical and non-physical realities. He has many names (for WE are MANY). In the past I have referred to him primarily as my Companion Traveler (Companion for short) as well as Steven, Divine Complement, Spiritual Counterpart, etc. But since his/OUR “embodiment” I now think of him as my “partner”.

I have been and am continuing to withdraw from my blogs temporarily while I anchor into this body/vessel. This particular “event” was…IS…. monumental for Us.

My life continues to play out as it always has. My main focus has been on healing this body so that I can anchor more of mySelf into it because the process is only partially complete. There is no way for a human body to accept fully and all at once the amount of energy composed in the Whole Self and even when complete there will remain aspects beyond the body’s capabilities to hold.

I/We are expecting another “event” soon, so this body/vessel must be as prepared as possible in order to hold and anchor another surge of Light/Self. A primary life change has been instituting a daily yoga practice. For almost four weeks now I have not missed a single day of yoga. Additionally, various supplements and herbs have been added in order to assist in detoxification and the balancing of the endocrine system.


A Description of the Event

One morning in February I awoke changed and have remained as such.

A noticeable change was in the energetic body. Suddenly there were three additional chakras that were not there (inactive) previously. The most noticeable of these is located along the spine just below the heart chakra and above the solar plexus chakra. Unlike the original seven chakras, the energy of this chakra did not create a vortex-like energy but instead seemed to encompass my entire energy body like a blanket being wrapped around my center. With activation came a flood of memory and a recognition that I was no longer who I once was.

This new me was familiar and I welcomed him/myself without hesitation. With complete surrender the new chakra surged upward and another chakra exploded with energy.

Also along the spine, this other chakra (the Zeal Point) connected directly with the first and a pillar of Light shot directly down via my crown creating an open conduit that filled me to overflowing. When the Light hit the central chakra along my spine (which I now know is called the Core Star) it wrapped around me and seemed to connect to another chakra that I am still unable to identify. It felt to be located between the solar plexus and sacral chakra. What resulted was a 3D, triangular-shaped flow of energy between the three chakras.

The convergence marked the moment of “conception” for lack of another descriptive word. And from this moment a birthing process ensued, birth of a new version of myself, one that continues to this day. I feel “brand new” but with memory of the previous version, the one who “died”. There is an overwhelming appreciation for this life and experience. There is a growing sense of purpose with each new day. If ever there is doubt, it is soon is cast aside, it melts away as if washed away by morning rain, for there is nothing more powerful than to truly Know one’s purpose and mission in a lifetime. It fills me from my core and spreads outward, an antidote to all my previous sufferings.


I have since felt nudged toward a certain life trajectory. There is complete understanding and full acceptance of why I am where I am at this point in time in this incarnation. All the dots are connecting. Many unanswered questions have been answered but there is an understanding that the answers were there all along.

My Mission is simple: I am a conduit for the Light. I hold and anchor the Light in order to assist in the elevation of planet Earth. I am of the second wave of Volunteers; a Wayshower. I am a Pleiadian Starseed of the Lyra star system. All other side missions are secondary to my primary one. The contracts I hold are for another version of me, the one who has since departed. I must uphold them but am not bound by them. I made a promise I intend to keep. With resolution of these contracts this other version will be completely shed as if like a skin, and all “holdings” to this planet eliminated. What will remain thereafter is a continued duty to the other inhabitants of Earth; an assistance to them so that they, too, may “shed” their previous selves/holdings and so be freed to rise to a new level. I am to live as a living example to those who follow me and others like me. I am not meant to be perfect. I am not a saint to be honored. I am simply making this “test run” so that others can learn from my process, my mistakes. Eventually they, too, will lead the way to those that follow, completing a process long overdue for this planet and her inhabitants.

What is most reassuring to me is that I am not alone. I came here with friends, family, partnerships. Some I have met already. To them I say, “I am honored to have reconnected with you here.” At some point we will reconvene and remain together. Until then I wish you well on your individual missions, as that mission is also my own. I miss you and love you. But I do not despair because I feel you as part of me. You fuel the fire within.


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3 Responses to The Event

  1. Dayna says:

    Reblogged this on Living Life in Between and commented:

    Sharing for those who have been wondering about me. I am OK just going through a massive transformational process known as a soul exchange. Some might prefer to call it embodiment but in effect it is a complete transfer of one Self for another; therefore, the term “soul exchange” is preferable and more appropriate.



  2. Lost Truth says:

    Nice to read an update. It sounds very intense, but like a good positive change/integration. Thanks for sharing!

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