Painting in Acrylic: Look

Out of the blue I had an urge to paint, but this time I wanted to try something different. I wanted to really get into it, to put my energy directly into the painting in a way I have not done before. I felt I needed to paint with my fingers, hands and other bodily “instruments” and avoid the paint brush. To give you an idea of how this came to me, I actually saw myself pressing my cheek up up against the canvas. lol

To be honest I had no idea how this would turn out. But the feeling wouldn’t leave me. I had to try it and see. Why not? lol

This was the result:


This, of course, is my new favorite. lol All my creations are that way, which is how it should be, don’t you think?

The painting began with me experimenting with using my fingers. I selected the colors yellow and brown and went to work. It took me a while to get the hang of it. Using my fingers felt weird and I resisted just allowing my hands to go where they wanted. Eventually, though, I got my whole hand into it and created a beautiful earth toned background. While doing this Light Language began to flow out of me, which was nice. I found that using my entire hand was satisfying in a very child-like way.

Then I began to paint some details. When I was finished it was three dark, parallel lines diagonally positioned across the middle with white half-moons on either side of it. It felt too restrictive, though, so I got the idea to get out some plastic wrap. I had no idea what I was going to do with the plastic wrap so just played around with it. I covered my hand in it and then blotted and smeared the wet paint. Eventually I ended up covering my palm with the plastic wrap and laying over the paint randomly, peeling it off, and then laying it down again. The result was once again very satisfying.

After a break to let the paint dry I was drawn to the color red. Again using my fingers I started swirling the paint in circles and did this until I felt I should stop. I ended up with seven ovals. While the paint was still wet I put my fingers in black and began to streak it on in thick lines and then added some to the ovals, blending the color with my fingers.

I walked away from my painting again, making some food for my family while it dried. When I came back I felt like adding white and for some reason put it in the center of the ovals. Wanting more color, I pulled out the purple and put it where it seemed to fit. It ended up in the white centers of the ovals. I remember thinking, “That looks like eyes!”

I let it be and continued to make adjustments here and there using my finger. Eventually, though, I got out a thin paintbrush. I needed it to do the detail work, though I kept it to a minimum because if I tried to do more than that it didn’t feel or look right to me.

Name and Meaning

It took me a while to give the painting a name. When I was painting I felt that it would be endowed with a new energy different from my other paintings. I was feeling that it would speak of my current stage of spiritual development in some way, but I was unsure exactly what “stage”, if any, I am in. I tried not to think too much while painting, though. There was no need to try and intellectualize the process. Intellect would just muddle the picture.

Since it’s completion, I have been drawn to the painting and staring at it. This happened after the last one, too. I placed my last painting (Farewell) on the wall in my bedroom, across from my bed where I could see it. Ever since I have been staring at it when in bed, pulled in by it’s symbol but not knowing why. This one is doing the same thing to me now. It is sitting on the desk as I type this and I just want to get lost in it.

This morning I actually asked the painting, “What is your name?” lol I heard back (yeah! Ha!), “Look.” With the answer I remembered all the times my guidance would say to me, “Look”. I never really understood their message. “Look at what!?” I would ask, exasperated.

I thought, “Perhaps my guides want me to look at the painting? Maybe there is a symbolic message contained within it?” This reasoning makes sense so I began to look closer at it.

What first catches my “eye” are all the eyes on the painting. What is the symbolism of the eye?

As you can read here, the eye is a powerful symbol. Ultimately, the meaning that resonated with me was this:

….the meaning of eyes indicates an opening into a new dimension. This is symbolic of your vision clearing and focusing in on a new direction. It may also indicate your ability to see past what is common and spiritually arrive to the point where your inner vision perceives all things in their divine glory – even the simplest of things become imbued with an exquisite quality inherent in all nature.

But there are seven eyes staring back at me when I look at this painting. Seven.

My first inclination was to review the number 7 in numerology. You can review it here for yourself if you like.

However, the meaning of the number 7 in this painting feels to be connected to these meanings:

As far back as Ancient Egypt, many – notably religious – edifices were built respecting the proportions linked to the following numbers:

  • Number 3: symbol of equilibrium and trinity, which confers on it a spiritual and even divine character.
  • Number 4: symbol of the material and terrestrial world.
  • Number 7: which is the result of the sum of the other two numbers, finds a place between the two worlds, the world of life and the world of death. It refers to completeness and the aspect of things well done.

…..this is the sign of success, even of triumph. You can consider that your free will is operating and that it is time for you to forge ahead, and “ascend” to perfection through knowledge and wisdom.

Indeed, the number 7 represents spiritual maturity acquired after a learning cycle. It is also the constructive and continuous development of your personality.


The next thing I notice about this painting is the ovals. My first thought is that they are “flowers” reaching toward the sun. Their black “stems” are reaching toward the Earth.

To “flower” is to “grow”. A plant that is a flowering plant creates flowers to reproduce  and spread it’s seeds far and wide. When the flower is in full bloom it is open and receptive to fertilization. Once fertilized the seeds begin to form and the petals of the flower fade. However, the flowers are not lost as they will be reseeded, grow and bloom anew as is the cycle of life and death.

Ultimately, the flower symbolizes:

The cyclic nature of Life/Death

Edit: A FB friend mentioned that the flowers resemble poppies. The symbolism of the poppy should be then be examined as well. The symbolism here reinforces what I say below about the color red and it’s connection to the root chakra.

Finally, there is the color “red”. Red is often associated with “Love” and “Passion”; however, the color can also be associated with “courage, respect and desire”. As the color of the root chakra, red represents one’s connection to the physical/Earth and is the foundation for the other physical chakras. When open, a person feels safe, secure and grounded.

All in all, if this painting is a reflection of where I am now in my spiritual development, then I am pleased. I am being asked to “look” at how far I’ve come and the progress I’ve made.

Light Code Oracle

You may wonder if this and my other recent painting will become a part of the Light Code Oracle deck. At this point in time I an unsure. It would not be difficult to add them since the booklet is not complete and the deck consists of only 48 cards, which is a small number compared to other decks. I have been feeling the urge to resume work on the deck, also. There is a possibility that the utter lack of motivation to finish the deck was purposeful because it was not yet complete. I will, for now, leave the question of the deck to the universe. I will let you know if/when an answer is received.

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5 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Look

  1. herongrace says:

    Aaah, the joys of finger painting! I have been working on putting down the colours on a background of a painting. I opened a pot of acrylic and it had dried so I rubbed it into the painting. I remembered of how years ago I often painted with my fingers in preference to brushes.
    To me all the eyes are telling you that you can “see” with different parts of your body and you could experiment with this.

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  2. SKYLAR A says:

    White Tara has seven eyes. She has three eyes on her face, the third eye in her forehead symbolizing her ability to see the unity of ultimate reality, while her two other eyes simultaneously see the relative and dualistic worlds. She has one eye on each palm of her hands and feet, showing that all her actions are governed by her ultimate wisdom and compassion. It is said that White Tara’s seven eyes enable her to clearly “see” all beings in all the realms of existence. Her expression is one of the utmost compassion.

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