How to Purchase the Light Code Oracle Deck

I have received questions about my Light Code Oracle deck since my last post about taking a break from blogging in order to undergo some intense inner-healing work. Currently the editing of the guidebook, packaging and deck itself is on hold. I am not sure when/if I will continue the process. However, the deck itself, as-is, has been published on The Game Crafter website and is available for purchase.

Here is a link to purchase the Light Code Oracle deck:

Purchase the Light Code Oracle deck


Price: $19.99 plus Shipping, handling and insurance
Quantity: 48 cards
Dimensions: 2.75″ x 4.75″
Material: 305gsm black-core matt cardstock
Cut type: Steel

If, at a later date, I complete the guidebook, then I will make it available to purchase separately from the deck if the Game Crafter website allows me to do so. I am not sure at this time if that is an option. If it is not, then I can email a PDF of the guidebook to those of you who purchase the deck without the box and guidebook. There will be no additional charge for the PDF.

I can edit the published deck and add a tuck box and guidebook at any time. If/when I do this, I will post an update in this blog. If I add a guidebook and box there will be a price increase. Of how much, I cannot say at this time because I do not know how much the box and guidebook will cost me. I am estimating the purchase price of the deck with guidebook and tuck box will be between $29.99-$31.99.

My original intent for the oracle deck was to have the complete set finished by the end of this summer. Completion meant the deck, box and guidebook would be available for sale via the Game Crafter website, and Maybe one day it will be. Until then, I hope you enjoy the deck itself and I encourage you to leave feedback either at the Game Crafter website or via an email to me at

If you have any questions about how to interpret a specific card, please email me along with proof of purchase and I will provide it’s description if I have already written it. If I do not have it written yet, I will do my best to write it so that I can provide it to you. I want the cards to be helpful, not confusing.

Here are some better images of some of the cards in the deck:



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  1. litebeing says:

    The cards are beautiful Dayna!

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