A False Path

At this time I have concluded that the “walk-in”-“soul exchange” path was misunderstood by myself. The “walk-in” message I received in 2015 was merely a heads up for the one week period of time in late May when another aspect walked along with me (the existing soul). There was never to be a permanent soul exchange and never did a soul exchange/walk-in occur prior to 2015.

The past few days have revealed much to me. It is now obvious to me that my strong desire to exit life (avoidance) resulted in the “deluded belief” that at some point another entire soul aspect would take over this body allowing me to escape the mundane and all the responsibilities that go along with it.

I have determined that at this time I need outside help to assist me in locating and eradicating that which led to all these deluded beliefs. In a sense, I feel that my previous diagnosis as Bipolar I with psychotic tendencies may have in fact been accurate all those years ago. Does that mean I’m mentally unstable? Some would say so while others would not. I don’t believe all that I have experienced is false or the result of some mental disorder; however, I do believe mental disorders can arise from spiritually profound experiences such as what I have had (Kundalini first and foremost). It is a question of, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” All I know is that the two are linked and considering my family history of schizophrenia, mental illness is a real possibility.

As my own personal “treatment” I have to stop buying into the walk-in/soul exchange phenomenon. It is harmful to me to continue to associate with others with similar beliefs as it only exacerbates my tendencies to believe the unbelievable and feeds my own “grandiose” delusions. Thus, for the time being I will not be posting in this blog anymore. Whether I will ever post again, I don’t know.

My path now is one of healing and reintegration back into the mainstream. I will be returning to my previous path, the one I was on before 2014.




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7 Responses to A False Path

  1. I am so so sorry you are going through this. My heart is literally breaking for you. I can relate as I have had similar experiences through out my life. Please do not begin to believe what those who refuse to see tell you about yourself. I made that mistake for much of my life and it made my problems even worse. Do what you need to do for yourself but never forget who you truly are! Your blogs are my favorite and I have always looked forward to reading them.

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    • Dayna says:

      Don’t be sorry. This is a GOOD thing. I am going to get myself in balance and sort through these setbacks. I have a plan. It has worked in the past and will work now. This is the healing work I need to do and will only result in positive changes.

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  2. brweb78 says:

    Hugs to you and i also feel as though I can relate.. You’ve always seemed to be the voice I wish I had the courage to speak.. Thank you for that! I wish you well and hope you find the path that is right for yourself.
    With love and healing hugs,

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  3. cherylasmith says:

    It is undeniable that your observations have been profoundly helpful to me. There were times I wondered about your struggles and my heart tugged for you. This makes lots of sense and I have much respect for you standing in your truth. As EtherealHappenings says above, remember who you are and temper your treatments with that in mind. You sound like you know what you are doing and I honor your space. Be well, my dear friend.

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