LL from the Pleiades – Preparation for Entry into the Unknown

I’ve been playing with Movie Maker. Hope you enjoy my creation. 🙂

A transmission in the Language of Light from the Pleiades constellation. The purpose of this transmission is to prepare for entry into the unknown. The unknown can be anything one has never experienced in this lifetime – a new job/career, marriage, divorce, relocation, a trip or vacation, etc. For many venturing into the unknown is scary. It takes courage and willpower, especially if you are doing it alone. This transmission sends love, encouragement and support to help you as you embark on this journey into the unknown.

There are no symbols to go with this transmission. I got inspiration for a painting instead. I will be posting it as soon as it tells me it’s name.

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7 Responses to LL from the Pleiades – Preparation for Entry into the Unknown

  1. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    Watched it when I was on YouTube this afternoon. Movie Maker did great.

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  2. Karin says:

    I like the pictures and the soothing sound of the LL transmission. But can you shed some light on why or how this is supposed to help with the challenge of the entry into the unknown when I don’t understand a single word of it? My analytical mind has a huge issue or questionmark with this. I mean, is there any difference between listening to a soothing Chinese lullaby, which I would no understand either, and listening to a soothing Pleiadian LL transmission? Is there something special about LL that goes directly into the subconscious which Chinese does not have? Sorry for asking, but this question comes up every time I hear LL.

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    • Dayna says:

      Good questions and not uncommon when it comes to LL. The way I understand it, the LL speaks directly to your Higher Self. It is a heart language, not a mind language. Therefore, trying to analyze it or understand it via your mind will do you no good. The language and symbols trigger a reaction from your HS. The symbols work with your DNA and Light Body. I do not have a scientific explanation to offer you and not sure anyone will have one. If you do not feel drawn to LL then don’t listen to it. It is one of those things that your HS will direct you to. Hope this helps.

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  3. Adam says:

    Fascinating transmission. It sparked something creative within me while listening to it. I am very appreciative that you are expanding your abilities and ‘playing’ with this. 🙂

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