Painting in Acrylic: Love

I actually completed two paintings yesterday but I’m not sure what to name the other one just yet. This one I already had the symbol from a previous drawing. The painting does not match the original drawing, though.


There is actually a variation on the original symbol, too. The bottom part has been added – the bird-looking symbol with diamond in the middle. This part came while I was painting and I didn’t question it.

I’ve been hesitant to paint this symbol since it was originally received. It’s name and message of “Love” is partly why. I have just not been feeling a lot of love lately. I’ve either been too sick, too emotional or too wiped out to really allow space for the love this symbol represents. Perhaps my ability to paint it now indicates that I will soon be feeling love in my heart like I use to. That would be nice.

This symbol represents unconditional love, not human love which is wrought with condition and limitation. I am still learning about unconditional love, but so far it has shown me that it is nothing like human love. The depth of this love is endless. When I feel it I am lost to myself. There is no consideration of individuation. Everything that is me and all that goes along with that (life, considerations, fears, demons, wants, desires, etc) vanishes and is replaced by a Divine Love so vast and expansive there are no words for it. My only desire is to surrender completely to it and remain within its embrace.


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2 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Love

  1. Durinda says:

    Dayna, all of your paintings are truly amazing. You have such a gift. I immediately felt like I was being embraced by the softness of it. Beautiful.

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