Light Language Flow

This morning I was so chock full of energy that my heart was pounding. I needed to express what was going through me but couldn’t figure out how. I had every emotion imaginable coursing through me and my physical body would not calm down. I felt a creative outlet was needed but my paint brushes and paint were upstairs with the rest of my family who obviously felt a similar creative streak. With no other option I got out paper and oil pastels and set about letting out what wanted to come through.



The first to come through came with the frenzied energy. I could not be slow about it and the symbols flooded out of me. I saw the image in my mind and tried my best to replicate it. It was an image of a headstone and very obviously of death. I saw a red sky and a lightening bolt. I saw the gray smoke-like clouds and dreariness. The symbol on the headstone was very rough feeling and angry. The other symbols carried the same energy.



The next drawing came just as quickly but the energy was sympathetic, nurturing and kind. It said, “It’s okay. Breathe and allow. Connect. Flow. Be.” The three circles came first and then the central symbol followed by the one on the left and the one on the right. The central symbol is Source and the two others are masculine (left) and feminine (right).  I know the masculine and feminine should be on opposite sides but that is how it came through. The title given at the end was Communion. Very fitting.



By the last drawing I was calmer, quieter and the energy coming through was less intense and more fluid. It’s suppose to be a flower but I’ve never seen a flower like it. The petals resemble trumpets to me. The symbol came last and shouted to me, “LOVE”.

I don’t know whether or not I will duplicate these in larger, acrylic versions and add them to my oracle deck. They seem to be meant for the deck, though, based upon how they were received and flowed through me. I was told yesterday to expect more symbols but I expected them to come in a dream. Shows me to expect the unexpected I guess.

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2 Responses to Light Language Flow

  1. So nice to have found a kindred soul “out here” in the blog world. I feel you! This weekend was extremely intense! I am still reeling from it and trying to stop the buzzing in my brain….thanks for sharing your truth and your artwork. Many blessings!

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