Painting in Acrylic: Movement

Completed this painting yesterday. I didn’t feel very motivated while painting it, though. It’s hard to find motivation to do much of anything when I have a cold. Regardless, I received the symbol for this painting the day prior to becoming sick and so had already begun to paint it when I was hit with a headache and sore throat. Thankfully, the creative energy that came through me seemed to diminish the uncomfortable symptoms.


Like with my other paintings, the meaning of this symbols took a while to come to me. The symbol itself came to me after waking up one morning with a message in my mind about ascension/descension. What I saw in my mind were two triangles, one pointing down and the other pointing up. The two triangles had overlapped, creating a star. With this came the message that the physical and spiritual were coming into balance. What I recall now of this message is mostly lost except for the visuals I received.

Not long after I received the symbol which I believe represents the physical side of the Merkaba. The group of lines above it indicate a readiness for the spiritual aspect to descend and join with the physical where they will meet in the middle and be in balance.

Why then did I receive the name “Movement” for this symbol? For some reason the definition that comes to mind for the word “movement” is the one related to musical compositions. I am also reminded of being asked by my Companion, “Will you dance with me?” So movement in this sense is a combining of two or more elements to create a complete picture or composition. It is indicative of being ready to transition from one stage to another.

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