One Circle

Some insights that came to me recently.

A long time ago, only a couple of years after my initial spiritual awakening toward the end of 2002 and a year after meeting my Companion, I received a vision of what is only now unfolding in my life. At the time I had no clue what it meant and misinterpreted it, not realizing it was a glimpse into my own future. The vision was of a Vesica Pisces, only back then I had no clue what that was and interpreted it as a Venn diagram. What I saw was a typical Vesica Pisces where the two circles were overlapped in the middle like this picture:


Only the Vesica Pisces I saw was more overlapped. The two circles were overlapped up to the center of each one. So a 50% overlap. I was directed to focus on this overlap. I was told, “This is you.” It was then explained that the overlap represented my conscious awareness and the separate sections of the two circles were the unconscious aspects. At the time I thought it was just indicating that I was very aware and saw it as a positive. I did not think to question why there were two unconscious sections. I just assumed the unconscious was my unconscious. In hindsight, I realized I should have asked, “What do the two circles themselves represent?” I would have been told, “You and Us” or the self (me) and the Self (us). This further breaks down to the me in this body who Forgets and has feminine attributes and the me not in a body who Remembers and has masculine attributes.

Fast forward to present day – over 11 years since the first vision of the Vesica Pisces. For the last few days, since my last lucid encounter with my Companion, I have been waking up with memories of circles in dreamtime. One morning I woke with a vivid vision of a circle in my mind. It was gold and glistening. Later in the day I chatted with a friend. I told her how I was feeling – completely calm, centered and happy. A new, improved version of myself. She responded, “That’s great! Looks like you’ve come full circle!” Her comment resonated in my mind. I knew it was a verification from my guidance of the circle vision I had been having.

Then next day I was scrolling through my WP reader and happened on a post that had song lyrics in it. I was scanning through the lyrics and stopped on part of the chorus. The line was, “One circle closed….” Ha!

All of this was given to me in answer to a question I had asked my Companion – What does the circle mean? Why am I being shown a circle? So my question was answered and then answered and then answered again. I will keep getting the answer until I fully recognize and absorb it.

Another vision I have been receiving for even longer than just a few days, is the vision of a sky containing both the sun and moon in it. The first time I saw this was in an OBE a few weeks ago. I went outside and looked up at sky with both a sun and a moon in it. The sun was on one side of the sky and the moon was on the other. It was a spectacular sight, one I will never forget because the sky around the sun was blue with clouds and streaks of orange and red and the sky around the moon was black with stars and galaxies.

On the 14th of April I had a vivid dream of yet another sky with both a sun and a moon in it. In the dream I was standing inside a building and had just woke for the morning. I looked out and saw a fantastically beautiful sunrise but noticed that right next to the sun was a brilliantly full moon. They were literally right next to each other – inches, maybe a foot apart. In the dream I was ecstatic and announced to everyone what I was seeing. The sun and moon were in a misty sky overlooking a vast lake. The lake shimmered with a thin coat of ice. The scene reminded me of a winter wonderland.

If you look at the two experiences you notice that the sun and moon went from being on different sides of the sky to merely inches apart in the sky. If you were to include the other vision – of the circle- and the Vesica Pisces vision I had from so long ago, you end up with only one conclusion: We (myself and my Companion) are very, very close to full Union. When the two halves of the Vesica Pisces (sun and moon/masculine and feminine) merge they form one circle; one Whole where before there were two.


Two Become One

For years my Companion would tell me, “We will merge”, or ask me, “Are you ready to merge now?” Up until just recently (2015), I really had no idea what he meant. At first I thought he meant he was going to come into my body somehow and be with me in this way. It was very hard for me to understand and even now I am not 100% certain what a full merge entails. Yet in 2015 I had many spiritually profound experiences which helped me to better understand what a “merge” meant and what would result.

In May, 2015, I had the most profound spiritual experience I have ever had up to date. For over a week my Companion and I shared this physical body and mind. I cannot say it any other way that makes sense. It began as a massive crown chakra opening, one so enormous that I seemed to expand beyond my physical body. I remained in this state for over a week and during that time my conscious mind was merged with that of my Companion. While in this state of merger I found it difficult to think or concentrate beyond normal day-to-day activities. Analysis, concentration toward philosophical or spiritual subjects was out of the question. Even sitting at my computer and trying to write was impossible. The only way I could communicate in writing was by allowing my Companion control. When I did this, amazing information in a completely different “voice” resulted.

While he was with me, I saw the world through his eyes. He showed me the energetic signatures of all living things. I became mesmerized with all life, hugging trees, looking up at the sky and seeing it as energy, feeling the life force of everyone and everything as part of me. Throughout his stay he “taught” me things and gave me glimpses into another world.

There was one lesson where I causally stepped on and killed a bug in my bathroom. My Companion asked me to look at it, so I did. I saw then a very tiny, almost undetectable spark of white and blue smoke come off the bug and then disappear into a vast grid of blue, green and white energy. This grid I saw expand outward from Earth to the point that I saw a vision of the planet and the grid that surrounded it. My Companion told me, “He (the bug) is not gone. He is back where he came from and will return again.” Where he came from was the life force of Earth, a vast energetic grid of energy and consciousness that surrounds the planet. I was in awe and remained that way until my Companion departed and left me wishing for his return.

This walk-along period was a glimpse of my future, a future where my Companion and I are united as we are meant to be. Though I am not completely certain that after Union with him I will experience the same thing I did in May, 2015, I do know that our merger will mean my old self will be completely transformed into a newer, more life-compatible Self. Life-compatible just means those things which use to prevent me from enjoying this experience and making progress on my mission will be easier to overcome and in some cases just vanish from the picture altogether.




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