More Preparation – Influence of the Four Directions 

I knew Easter day would result in another Kundalini experience, and I was not wrong. I fell asleep around 10pm. The last thing I heard was my Companion telling me, “See you soon”.

Sadly, most of the context of the experience is lost to me now. I must have been really tired so lucidity was low. What I do recall vividly is going through rooms with a woman who I considered my “best friend” and thus recognized her as my best friend from high school. I now know this was just my mind trying to make sense of an experience it could not fully understand. My “best friend” is, of course, my Companion. He has been slowly shifting his appearance for me as requested so I rarely see him in his typical brown hair, brown eyed form now days. Though he still does use it to mess with me (grrr!).

My memory of the experience peaked towards the end when my best friend and I were in a dimly lit bedroom. There was a stream running through the side of it and a window over looking the tiny stream. My friend appeared very feminine to me but there was a strong attraction that made me want to be right up next to her. It wasn’t sexual but extremely intimate. As we came closer together I felt to be bombarded by energy on four sides – top, bottom, left and right. It wasn’t a bad feeling, just strong, like I was being buffered by energy.

At this point I was distracted by a “light” shining into the window from the left. I commented on it saying to my Companion, “Someone’s coming. Look! There’s a light. Do you see it?” He responded, “No one’s coming. Don’t worry about it.” Yet the light was getting brighter and I couldn’t help but notice it. “Don’t you see it? Someone is coming.” He sent a reassuring feeling my way that said, “Stop focusing on it. It is nothing to worry about.” I listened and turned back toward him.

When I turned around I saw him as my friend. She was laying on a bed and I went up to her. When I did this, she put on a “mask” that was very realistic. When I saw it I thought of my best friend’s older brother. I’m not sure why I thought this except that maybe once again my mind was trying to make sense of it all. In high school, my best friend’s brother had a major crush on me but I was never interested in him. My memory, though, of the “mask” did not match the looks of my friend’s brother. Instead it resembled a completely inhuman, pale, bald Being with a tiny slit for a mouth and no recognizable nose except for two slits. From that point on my interpretation of the gender of my friend shifted between male and female and my own gender seemed also to shift.


I did not recoil from what I saw despite the mask seeming to morph and appear even more alien. Instead I was talking with my Companion and asking him if he felt what I felt. It was strange and I was becoming alarmed. I received information from him telepathically that the energy was from the “four directions”. Since it seemed to be coming at me from four directions, I didn’t question this fact, but the sensation of it was rapidly increasing my lucidity. It didn’t help that my closeness to my Companion was also causing the Kundalini to manifest and the first rumblings began stirring in my root and heart.

I woke suddenly at 11pm.  The Kundalini was expanding from my root down to my knees and up to my third chakra. I could feel the energy rising toward my heart and worked really hard not to notice the crazy energy. It was not arousing this time, thankfully, but seemed expansive and almost hollow compared to other times. It was like my entire midsection from the center to the edges of my physical body was a hollow tube of expansiveness. If it had a color it would be gold, shimmering and moving in multiple spirals upward.

Even when I shifted position the strange hollow feeling remained for some time after I woke. I was easily able to maintain focus on my third-eye but the energy never went past my throat. The whole time the message about the “four directions” was going through my mind. I was reminded of an OBE where I there were four moons in the sky above me. Was this the protection I was told I would be receiving during the Union? Was I somehow sensing it?

Despite all the activity and the strange semi-lucid dream experience, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had done something “wrong” and screwed up the Union once again. My Companion reassured me that I had done nothing wrong, that we were “taking it slow” because “these things can’t be rushed”. It was my expectation that was causing my feelings of inadequacy and he helped me see this straight away. The more I listened to him the more my upset diminished and the more trust of the process returned.


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    This morning’s Kundalini experience. I’m researching the four directions and their link to the Kundalini and Hieros Gamos. Any input appreciated. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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