Painting in Acrylic: Contact

For a while now I have been planning on painting the image of an E.T. I met while in the dreamstate and in an OBE. A couple of weeks ago the image I drew of that E.T. came to mind and I knew I needed to paint her. Yet I never felt quite inspired to do so. Well, last weekend the inspiration came but it has taken me almost an entire week to finish her portrait.


This painting was a challenge! I had no idea how difficult it was to paint a face, alien or otherwise, in acrylic. The paint dries way too quickly so blending to create the right skin tone is very difficult. I asked my husband to assist and he helped me add the shadows on the face and torso but he left smudges of color that bothered me to no end. I figured if anyone could blend the paint, he could! But apparently acrylics are just more challenging and since my husband is use to oils he ran into his own blending dilemma.

Thankfully, I figured out a way to blend it somewhat, though I have by no means mastered the technique. I will likely have to buy a fine misting spray bottle to assist me next time I take on the challenge of painting a portrait. This way the paint will stay wet and allow me to blend it more easily.

Because of the blending issues the E.T. came out way bluer than I had wanted. When I saw the E.T. she was bluish in color but a very pale blue, not this darker blue. She also had a more child-like nose and chin. The way this painting turned out, the E.T. looks much more masculine than the E.T. I saw.

I’m not certain what kind of E.T. this is. I want to say a hybrid because that is what the female E.T. was that I saw. So I will say this is a painting of an E.T.-Human hybrid Being.

I purposefully surrounded the Hybrid Being with Light Codes. At first I thought I would be painting a code on her forehead but when the time came to paint it, I felt way too much Light Language coming through to paint just one symbol. So, I opted to paint them around the Being. And more and more and more came. The symbols seemed to never stop. Ultimately, I blended them all together in a kind of misty haze similar to a dream memory I have of something similar. This area around the E.T. turned out to be my favorite part of the painting.


The message with this painting is the name: Contact. Contact here does not necessarily mean with extraterrestrials, though. Contact here is connecting with ones multidimensional Self in whatever way that Self wishes to come through. That means it could be as an E.T., a human, an angelic Being, an animal, an energetic or some other form. It also has to do with communication via this aspect of Self; being able to connect and receive messages either briefly or for the long-term.

With this connection comes responsibility. An individual with this kind of connection should not take it lightly. Such a connection is not meant to be used for the advancement of the self (Ego) such as to make money, improve status or gain an advantage over others. It is a Divine connection – a human right – we all have if only we can remember how to use it. Ultimately, Contact with the greater Self will humble the individual who has found and made the connection, expose them to a Love beyond human understanding, and help them transcend the typical human life experience.


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6 Responses to Painting in Acrylic: Contact

  1. newearthangel says:

    I love your definition of contact! I often think of contact only coming in the form of extra terrestrials, and by that definition I seriously limit myself. Thank you for sharing this!

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  2. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    So beautiful. I think it may be blending issues that cause me to prefer chalk pastels over any other medium. I love that you said Divine Connection is a human right. This is very true and people need to understand this. We do not need an intermediary and it is our right.

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  3. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    Reblogged this on A Healing Grief.

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