Streamlining the Self

Integration is almost complete and I am noticing a substantial difference in myself. I have been told for longer than I can recall, “You are changing.” I have noticed this and that along the way, but currently there are so many changes I am noticing that it is mind boggling. I am so different than I use to be in so many ways. It seems miraculous, but it isn’t.

My Companion says it is the result of “streamlining the Self”.

Streamline definition from

1. a teardrop line of contour offering the least possible resistance to a current of air, water, etc.
2. the path of a particle that is flowing steadily and without turbulence in a fluid past an object……..
4. to alter in order to make more efficient or simple.

The Discussion

After waking this morning I recalled that there was discussion in my dreams of all the progress I had made since October, 2016. Something has definitely changed in me since then. I saw all the issues I was currently working on, too. Side-by-side I saw them as “rooms” in which an entire lifetime was playing out concurrent with this one. They were the same lifetime just with a different focus. I saw the issue of finance, which I recently recognized as one I have made great gains with. I also saw the issue of physical body image – weight specifically and how I judged myself based upon my appearance. I saw my marriage, too, and how that has changed and will change.

I didn’t look much farther than those issues because my Companion began to talk to me about the changes but it was more of a mind-melding type thing than a conversation. I knew that some significant changes to my personality had resulted in the last six months but it was just in this last week or so that they have become noticeable.


Changes of note:

  1. Less negative self-talk.
  2. More acceptance of input by my Companion. This input comes as questioning of certain thoughts and beliefs. For example, recently I was becoming upset about my apparent gaining of weight. I kept criticizing how my body looked, especially my stomach. I had Googled it and saw it was normal for a woman to gain about 1lb a year after turning 40. I began to plan how to change my diet and exercise routine to get the problem under control. While looking at myself in the mirror I suddenly began to think differently about it. I began to think, “Maybe I will look better with a few pounds on me? I would look more like I did in my teen years and I loved my body then.” I accepted this straight away without argument. I knew I could accept my body and think of myself as beautiful even if I weighed 10-15lbs more. I recognized how my beliefs and the conditions I placed upon myself in regards to my appearance were not making me happy. I decided that it would be good for me to start only thinking about and doing things which made me feel good while dropping those things that didn’t. In regards to my health, I opted to continue exercising and eating healthy because both things made me feel good and were enjoyable. I opted to stop defining my own beauty based upon a number and specific body appearance because it did not make me feel good.
  3. Less reactivity to life and life situations. For example, last night my son was throwing a tantrum over not being able to have ice cream. Usually I would become irritated by his tantrum. The sounds would make my entire body tense up and I would want to get away. This time, however, I saw the tendency to do this but did not do it. Instead I observed how that tendency was disappearing and being replaced with a recognition that the situation was temporary and did not need to affect me unless I chose to let it. I chose to view it as just another experience and felt utterly calm and unaffected.
  4. Feeling balanced overall. While I had a period of super high, happiness in February, previous to that I had a long period of super low, tending toward suicidal, depression. In fact, for as long as I can recall I have been up, down, up, down, nearly manic-depressive. This tendency was super exacerbated throughout 2016, but it was always there. I recall my Companion talking to me about it early on (2004). How I tended toward extremes. I was like a pendulum, shifting dramatically but never settling in the center where balance could be found. Now it seems I am finding that balance. I feel it, too. I am not super happy, but I am not super depressed. I am content and feel overall at ease with my life. When I encounter life upsets or issues I will experience an initial reaction but I am quick to return to that balanced place. This is accompanied by input by my Companion but it is more interconnected with my own thoughts now. It is like our thoughts are becoming more and more as one.
  5. Trust. Trust of Self over self. Trust overall. It feels freeing, a relief compared to near constant doubt, worry and “what-ifs”.

I am told that all of the above are a direct result of streamlining the Self. The flow of Self into the self is less interrupted. Why? Because I have made progress in peeling away the layers of that False self, that part of me that was impervious to my Companion’s loving suggestions and nudges. It ridged up and often fought ferociously anything that did not serve it. Now, though I still sense the presence of that rigidity, it doesn’t win. It it just there as an afterthought and I see how it is not always in my best interest.

All this change occurred over time. It was not over night, but in the last six months it is like I have been on a super, super accelerated path.

Basically all the changes I’m experiencing come down to choosing to focus on things that make me feel good versus focusing on things that don’t. Choosing love. There was so much I was resisting in life that it was making me unhappy and keeping me from enjoying all that life has to offer. Take away that resistance and what is left is openness to experience. The openness brings a fluid quality to life, a sense of going-with-the-flow rather than creating dams of resistance.

The experience that has resulted is not like I assumed it would be, either. I thought, “When I get there (wherever there is) I will be happy and fulfilled. I will be ecstatic and high on life. I will feel overwhelming amounts of love all the time and it will shield me from the negativity and disappointment of life.” Or something like that. And though some of this is accurate – I will be happy and fulfilled and feel overwhelming amounts of love – it is not at all realistic. Life is about experiencing extremes. It is meant to be that way because it is through extremes that we are able to observe and experience who we are. Life is meant to challenge us so that we grow into our full potential. There would be no Aliveness without these extremes to challenge us.

So, no I will not be shielded from all negativity and disappointment. I will still experience these things along will loss, despair, upset, anger, hate, frustration, etc. What I do know is that the more intense the negative side, the more intense the positive side. So where there is the potential for great loss and despair, there exists also a great potential for extreme bliss states and deeply fulfilling love. We can’t resist one extreme and expect to still experience the other extreme. If we resist one, we also resist the other. So if you hope to avoid the hurt, loss, despair of one situation – say by turning your back on a very powerful relationship – you also end up shutting yourself off to the possibility of the greatest love experience of your lifetime. It is, as always, a choice, but remember that when you shut down to one half, you also shut down to the other.

I now choose to be open to both extremes so that I do not miss out on what either has to offer.


How is this Related to the Soul Exchange?

The streamlining of Self IS the soul exchange. This process is not yet complete but soon will be. There is an “exchange” occurring in the streamline process. The exchange is the swapping of the self for the Self. It is the integration of both into the Whole, also, but the end result is that the self takes its appropriate place, which is in support of the Self.

Mostly my experience of the soul exchange process has been in developing a relationship with myself – the self becoming familiar with and trusting fully the Self. Though I experience the self as me (female, this lifetime with this life’s experiences) and the Self as my Companion (masculine, guide-like and in support of me), it is really connecting the two aspects and combining them into the Whole they are meant to be. A fully functional unit working together toward fulfillment of this life’s purpose. The exchange is merely putting the two aspects in the correct working order, where the created self works in support of the Whole Self. Yes, the soul exchange/walk-in when complete will be a complete swap, self for Self, but it is not a completely “new” soul. It is the addition of a “higher” aspect into this body on a permanent, full-time basis. Fully integrated, Whole and fully functional.

You can also call it full embodiment if you wish, as this is also an acceptable term.

A Memory

I wanted to add one more thing. The closer I get with my Self, the more I Remember. This just goes with the territory I think. One question I was mulling over recently was that I have heard so many say, “I came to help with the ascension. I have had very few lifetimes on this planet and this will be my last.” And other similar comments. As for me, I Remembered that I was also here to help with the ascension. I was also told that We (my Companion and myself) were called here and volunteered to be here. The feeling was that we came here this one lifetime to help. But then why do I recall so many other lives on this planet? Are they merely implants so that I had the life experience to make it? Or was it something else?

My Companion asked me to consider the question outside of time and space. Then how would it seem to me?

That changed everything. If viewed from outside of time and space (from the standpoint of our location in the Spirit realm) then “one” lifetime would be all lifetimes combined. We could have been here on Earth from its very beginning up until now and all of it, every.single.lifetime, would be occurring If viewed like this, then it would all be as one “lifetime”. One lifetime of us assisting in the ascension of planet Earth. Volunteering to be of service until the end of this planet’s life cycle.


So when I Know that I have two more lifetimes, it is from my human perspective where time is linear. But in non-linear no-time, I am living those lifetimes and all others simultaneous with this one. Pretty outrageous.

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  1. Dayna says:

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    Update you all might be interested in. Thanks for reading! ❤


  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Thoughtful article about the author’s ongoing process of soul braiding with her Self.

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  3. Adam says:

    Wow, great insights. It is fascinating you’re experiencing this in relation to your soul exchange. Very unique position to be in! As far as self to Self embodiment, I’m experiencing very similar things as well! Wrote about it a couple days ago:

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    • Adam says:

      I don’t mean to keep linking to my blog on each post I comment on. It’s just I am consistently surprised at the same themes we each experience, completely independently, sometimes even down to the actual wording of concepts. Thank you again for documenting your journey. It adds much validation to the guidance I receive along with my own journey. You are an inspiration and quite literally one of the only blogs I follow with enthusiasm. 🙂 ❤

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      • Dayna says:

        It’s okay Adam. If you didn’t link to your site I would likely not see what you wrote because I can’t follow you blog like I use to. Wish I could but can’t find any way to follow.

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      • Adam says:

        There’s a follow by email type of thing, however I know the wordpress ‘Reader’ is a much more convenient way to follow blogs. I’m debating on how I wish to integrate my site with that. I’ll let you know how that goes! 🙂

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  4. etherealbeingsinmylife says:

    I have been experiencing the same but without the Soul exchange. I also have had very few lifetimes on Earth, five human lives. Most of my lives have been on Sirius. This is my last life, also. I think that I will be very glad when I am done with this life. It has been my most difficult.

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