Final Preparations Continue

Last night while meditating my Companion told me he would be meeting me later that night. By the time I was in bed doing my nightly meditation I had all but forgotten about it. While meditating he reminded me. I had noticed a difference in the energy throughout the day and by this time it was very acute. So, I did not doubt my Companion would do what he said.


While meditating I was led to do something I have never done. I began to tap with three fingers on certain points on my body. At first I did this on my pelvis quite unconsciously but was led to pay attention to what I was doing. Next, I felt led to tap on the space just above my heart. After that I felt drawn to tap on my left wrist area. Then I was drawn to tap on the spaces right above where my ovaries are located as well as the space where my second chakra is located. Finally, I tapped on my forehead above my third-eye. I did not just tap a few times on these locations, either, but sometimes for up to a minute, very rapidly with medium pressure.

This technique I was led to do is called EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. I have heard about it, even had it done by a practitioner years ago, but never felt drawn to it. I am not sure why I felt led to do it last night, but I assume it was needed to help with energy distribution along the meridians. In other words, to prepare and clear the residual blockages in specific meridians in preparation for the Kundalini.

I developed a slight headache after tapping my forehead but was reassured I would be okay.

Not long after I became extremely drowsy.


The Encounter

I fell into a lucid dream. I was at my mother’s house in the living area and knew my Companion was there and would be staying the night. I also knew he had already stayed the night but we had remained separated. I felt a nervous anticipation that was very peculiar.

There was activity, like a wild energy, in the air that I cannot recall as being the product of any particular person, situation or thing. It seems like there may have been others with me preparing, but I never saw them. Instead, I was staying confined to a dark bedroom, my old childhood bedroom. I began to sing at a very high pitch this almost wailing-type song in another language – likely Light Language. The sound coming out of me was quite alien but very beautiful and somewhat hypnotic. I don’t remember what I sang except for the sound “ra”.

The more I sang, the more the peculiar feeling intensified. It made me feel very drunk and mentally confused/disoriented. I could not located myself in time or space. I stopped singing and recall briefly that I was distracted by what appeared to be a TV screen. I knew my Companion was watching it too, just elsewhere. Whatever was on it made me relax and feel very happy but it did not eliminate the drunk feeling. In fact, I seemed to feel more intoxicated.

My memory of the environment and my perception of it is of the room seeming to spin and shift around me, the colors blending creating a rainbow and making it hard for me to identify any specific objects other than the bed – my old water bed. I remember talking aloud to someone saying, “I feel drunk. Why do I feel so druuunk?” lol I was laughing and happy, though, giggling and floating about the room.

I remember walking to the left side of the bed and seeing an object in the center of it. I picked it up and examined it. It was a pewter Easter egg. I laughed saying something about it being a gift. It had a cord attached and I knew it was a lamp so I put it on the shelf over the bed.

Then I stopped, overcome with such a strong feeling that I began to feel faint. I could sense my Companion in the room with me. I knew why he was there – for the ceremony – and I became extremely nervous. This only exaggerated the drunk feeling and made me panic a little but at the same time I was not concerned but excited and eager, it felt like a fun game.

The next thing I know I am sitting on the floor and my Companion is in front of me sitting cross-legged. I can’t see well. My vision is still shifting in and out and I am being hit with waves of the strangest energy that only exacerbates the drunk feeling. I am saying, “I’m sorry. I’m messing this up. I just feel so drunk and can’t focus.” I feel energetically all over the place while my Companion feels to be calm, almost stoic-like.

I hear him reassure me and say, “Just remind me to lock the front door this time.” I focused on the “this time” wondering if there had been another time we had been in this exact situation. Had I forgotten? I remembered the ceremony, that we were married and needed to consummate the marriage. This caused my nervousness to increase.

I looked up at him. My vision was not shifty so I saw him with clarity. I also saw that we were on the bathroom floor. How did we get there? When I saw him I said, “You’re really here.” My vision continued to shift and it made me want to close my eyes and lay down. I leaned over and laid in his lap saying something I can’t recall now. The energy was just so intense and swirling wildly that I could not handle it. It was so different from what I had felt before. It overpowered the energy of my heart chakra even!



My mind began to race and I felt myself coming back into my body. The strange, wild energy came with me. Now in my body, I could feel the Kundalini frantically jumping all over my body. It was swirling and seemed erratic but at the same time very soothing, so soothing that I felt close to passing out from it, but in a good way.  I did indeed feel extremely drunk. Then my root chakra began to swirl and I could feel the energy building in it. My heart was also lit up. As soon as I focused on my root, though, the energy slowed and began to dissipate.

My Companion was there and I heard two songs one right after the other. The first was the phrase “You will be loved” and the second was, “Why do you have to go and make things so complicated.” lol I apologized straight away. I began to review the experience. The song I sang was so hypnotic. Why was I singing it? And then the Easter egg, was that a message to expect more of this the closer we got to Easter? Or was it related to Ishtar? And why was I acting so child-like and stupid?

With that last questioning thought a feeling came over me. I remember that my child-like antics were purposeful. I was not at all afraid of what was coming. I had done it many times before, so why would I be? No, the nervous reaction was practiced and I had gotten so well at playing the part that it felt fake. When I recognized this it was as if time slowed down and I became a completely different version of myself momentarily. It was quite surreal.

My Companion and I talked throughout all this, but his comments seem interconnected to my own thoughts so I can’t really say what he said/thought versus what I said/thought. In the end I concluded that the dream experience was more preparation for the vertical alignment and final exchange. The strange energy of others around me was the entourage of assistants surrounding us in a circle of protection mixed with our (me and my Companion’s) combined energy. The nervousness I felt was akin to how I felt prior to having my first sexual experience. In all honesty, I felt like a virgin, very naive and anxious because I didn’t know what to expect. I felt very much like a child throughout the experience, too, and there was a strong sense that the ceremony was very important, like it represented a rite of passage. My Companion appeared very much like he did early on in our first meetings involving the Kundalini. Older, maybe 50ish, with dark hair and eyes, deeply etched smile lines and kind eyes. Along with this there was an acute sense of a huge age gap between us, like a child marriage situation.

The “drunk” feeling I felt both during the experience and after is associated with the sixth and seventh chakras. The full opening of the seventh chakra (crown) can cause one to feel loopy and disoriented.

Eventually I became distracted because I was uncomfortable. My entire lower pelvic region was aching. I thought to my Companion, “My ass hurts.” He said back, “That’s because….” and I finished his sentence for him, “I’m a pain in the ass…I know, I know. Hahaha.” He replied, “You left yourself open for that one.” LOL

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  1. Dayna says:

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    Had a full moon Kundalini lucid dream experience last night within an hour of falling asleep. It was another preparation for the full rising. Based on the dream symbolism I suspect more Kundalini dreams/experiences will be coming by Easter. Thanks for reading. ❤


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