Painting in Acrylic: Great Central Sun

A couple of days ago I was reminded of a drawing I did of an Andromedan female. I saw in my mind the drawing and remembered seeing her in my dreams. In recalling her, I saw an image drawn on her forehead where her third-eye would be. I drew it a few times, trying to get a feel for it, but it never manifested quite as I saw it in my vision.

Skip forward to yesterday. It was my son’s 3rd birthday and I had in front of me a blank canvas. I said to him, “Since it’s your birthday, you can pick out a color, any color, and I will use it in my painting.” He picked a beautiful green. I painted the base of the painting and then lost focus because I could not shake a feeling that something big was about to happen and standing in front of my painting was not helping.

This morning I got out the painting again and began to add the symbols and final touches. The symbol that wanted to be the focal point was the same symbol I saw in my vision of the Andromedan female.

Great Central Sun.png

When I finished the painting I wondered what it wanted to be called. I heard, “Great Central Sun.”

You can see the sun in the lower right. The Earth is the green color my son told me he wanted me to use. The main symbol is the one of a spiral with a triangle coming out of it. This is the symbol of the GCS (Great Central Sun). The symbol is repeated in the green section but it is horizontal instead of vertical. The section in the middle reminds me of human blood cells for some reason.

This painting is not of the symbol I received last night. I’m not sure yet how that symbol wants to be depicted yet or if I will even create a painting from it. However, in recalling my drawing of the Andromedan female I plan to paint it as realistically as I am able to. This will be a challenge for me since I have never painted a person much less an Andromedan! I will likely ask my husband to assist since he excels at painting portraits.

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