A Visit from the Elohim

When I woke up early this morning I was in the midst of a conversation with someone – or more accurate would be to say “someones”. I knew I was talking to a consciousness I had not heard from in a very long time. In the past I would have been nervous to talk to Them but this time I was completely comfortable. In fact, rather than feeling as if I was subservient to them, I felt to be their equal.

I received codes while in communication with Them. They came in sheets resembling computer code but composed of symbols, not numbers. Sometimes I saw the code on small, square screens. Other times the codes were presented to me individually. One such code is to be painted. When I saw it I heard “Shift” and saw what each part of the code/symbol represented.

Their message to me was similar to other ones I have received. They told me they had been here since before Earth was created. They have always been. They told me I was Them, I came from Them. There was a sense with this that I came to Earth from Them. Like We came here via me in this human form.

I was reminded of my purpose – to help with the ascension. I have heard this before so I didn’t question it but I did say, “How?” I heard, “You are already doing it.” I knew better than to ask for more details. I will Remember when I need to.

I recall a vision of a vertical line. It was like a lightening bolt with no beginning and no end. Around it was darkness except for a horizontal line cutting through the center of the vertical one. The intersection resembled a cross. On the left side the horizontal portion was labeled, “Forerunner.” On the right side the horizontal line was labeled, “Wayshower.” I am not sure why I was shown this. Maybe it was to show me the part I play?

Another message They gave me was, “Earth is up for grabs.” This came along with a reminder of the part They play. They do not get involved. They watch. They Observe. What They were telling me appeared to be going into the Team Dark scenario, a scenario I wish not to hear about or get involved with. I shifted away from their messages then, but not before I understood what was playing out. It was just a confirmation of what I have been told before. The “group” in control of Earth, who has been in control, can be replaced now. Will they be? That is yet to be determined. As They said, “Earth is up for grabs.”

Who were They? When I was inquiring on what to call them, I heard the word “Gods” many times but this was retracted by them each time that word entered my mind. They are not Gods. Then it was like a history played out in my mind. Years upon years within a millisecond. In this history I saw large images drawn on the ground – The Nazca Lines. I saw ancient Hieroglyphs, not just those of Egypt, but those of all other ancient civilizations who use pictures as their written language. They said, “We are Them.” I understood that ancient languages such as these were derived from the same codes I received. I understood it all came from the same Source. All that ancient information came from Them.


Ultimately, the name that came into my mind was Elohim.

This experience came after an entire day of feeling like the other shoe was about to drop. Yesterday was like that, like I was living a Sci-Fi movie. It got so intense that I had a glass of wine to try and numb it. Instead, the wine seemed to amplify the feeling. Along with the feeling was the memory of the message that “I knew what to do” and had practiced it. Practiced what? What do I know to do? I finally asked to be reminded because it was driving me crazy. I said, “If you can just remind me so I won’t feel so crazy all the time.” I got what I asked for. 🙂

There was more relayed to me but most of it is lost to me now. I knew it would be and am okay with that. I have learned that not Knowing is sometimes for the best anyway. The feeling that the other shoe is about to drop is still acute. I hate that feeling.

Edit: I remembered another piece of information that was passed on. In that history-in-a-millisecond I received information on Lemuria. I have never received information on Lemuria that I can recall. The vision was of a pristine city of bluish-white Grecian-style architecture. They had glass that not only provided the protection glass provides but also acted as solar panels, providing the colony (yes that was what it was) with energy. It looked to be on an island or it was at least surrounded by water. It was peaceful and the inhabitants were not human like we are today. They resembled humans, though, from a distance. Most were dressed in white tunics with brown belts made of tied fabric. The feeling was Utopian.

Then I saw it after it was destroyed. It looked like a heap of rock, almost like a rock slide had buried it, or maybe it was under hardened lava but the color of the rock was reddish. Then, after more time had passed, it was completely submerged under water.

I remember remarking how similar it was to Atlantis. I heard in response that they were the same. This I didn’t understand but I also didn’t question it.

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  1. Eliza Ayres says:

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  2. sonianordenson says:

    Many thanks!
    (Did you mean Lemuria?)

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  4. So, maybe you’re both a forerunner AND wayshower? I’d say you’re doing a great job in showing us the way and shedding light on this venture 🙂

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